7 Signs You'll Be Best Friends Forever ...


Do you and your best friend have any of these signs you’ll be best friends forever? These’re all indicators that your friendship is going to stand the test of time. It’s a comforting thought to know your friendship can go the distance. Read through these signs you’ll be best friends forever and see if any of them apply to your friendship.

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You’ve Stuck Together through Thick and Thin

One of the signs you’ll be best friends forever is that you’ve been through a lot. Maybe she’s gone through some really hard times in her life or you’ve been through some really tough times in yours. Whichever is the case, and maybe it’s both, it’s one of the signs you’ll be best friends forever. You know you can weather hard times. You have each other’s backs and that’s a great thing.


Your Friendship Has Survived Fights

If you’re friends long enough, there’re going to be times you don’t see eye to eye. That’s because you each have your own ideas and opinions. Sometimes this means you have disagreements. Having a disagreement doesn’t mean you aren’t best friends. Having a friendship that can survive a fight every now and then can actually be a sign that you’ll be best friends forever.


Your Family Expects Her at Functions

Another sign you’ll be best friends forever is if your family expects her to be around at family functions. She’s pretty much a part of your family. The same thing goes for her family; they expect you to be there. The two of you are so close that you’re treated as family. This’s a really sweet thing to have in your friendship.


You Can Be Really Honest with Each Other

If you can be really and truly honest with each other, it’s a sign of true friendship that’ll stand the test of time. Of course you care about each other’s feelings but you won’t lie to each other. You can say if a dress isn’t right for her and she can do the same for you. It’s wonderful when you know you can count on honesty from your best friend. You know she’s a person that’ll always tell you the truth.


You’ve Been Friends a While

If you’ve been best friends since kindergarten then that probably isn’t going to change anytime soon. Friendships that last over the years seem to grow even stronger as time goes by. If you’re going to part ways, it generally happens in the first couple of years of a friendship. It can happen after that but it’s rare. The longer you’re friends, the stronger your friendship gets.


You Know Each Other

Another point in favor of a friendship for life is when you really know each other. You know she’s moody until she gets her morning Starbucks fix and she knows you can’t go a day without mascara. The little details that make up who you are matter and your best friend knows that. More than that, she cares. Of course you love that about each other!


You Get Each Other in an Amazing Way

When no one gets you like your best friend does, it’s a sign your friendship is going to last forever. It sometimes seems like you can read each other’s minds. You may even be able to give each other a look and know exactly what you both mean. That type of communication signals a deep friendship. When you’ve got that, you’ve got it all.

What do you think? Do you have any of these signs you’ll be best friends forever? Share which ones you have.

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@Claudia I hope you find each other again

This means that I have very good friends :)

i had all these with my bff we knew each other for 13 years we were like sisters but when i got pregnant she didn't want to know me.

I hope I fit this criteria with other friends!

I had all of these but my fail moves around constantly so we left, I lost touch two months ago and I just hope once we will meet again.

All entries checked! Not everyone can have this kind of friendship and I am very happy that I do have this! Not one, but two gorgeous beautiful women. They never made me feel insecure. I am happy with their success and they are too with mine. I can show them my ugly side and they won't mind because they've accepted it! Most of all, even though we have parted ways since college, we always make sure to see each other twice and thrice a month not to mention daily communication! I can be silent at times and need space to deal with other life issues and they always understand. They're the best that I've got and love them with all of my heart ❤️.

I use to have it with a friend that was really my god sister but her mom died and her father strung out on crack and that's when we parted ways not on bad terms but we have been together for 13-14 years before we parted ways with each other if that counts as best friends because we were practically like sisters in a special way we knew each other and we just understand one another. I don't know if we will see each other again but when God is willing we will and we would start off where we left off.

I grew up with military parents and moved every 3-4 years. I am still best friends with my high school girlfriend, even though we both joined the military, married military men and ended up on different sides of the world. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get together, but once it happens it's like we were never separated.

Sorry to hear about the once great friendships that turned out to fail. However, this was a sweet post. Dedicate it to my best friend Janae. Going through a rough patch, but who doesn't!?

Always favoriting this authors articles. Alicia Fannin knows what's up. Thanks girl!👏

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