7 Signs You May Be Using Social Media for the Wrong Reasons ...


Are you using social media for the wrong reasons? Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us from time to time. The trick is to identify that you are doing this and stop it before it becomes a habit. You will get much more enjoyment out of using social media when it isn’t for the wrong reasons.

1. You Crave the Attention

You may be using social media for the wrong reasons if you are craving attention. It is absolutely okay to share on social media the good things in your life or even that you are having a bad day. But if you do it knowing that you are only wanting attention, you might need to examine that motive. Your goal should be to share rather than seeing how much attention you can rake in. If getting attention is the goal, you may need to give it some thought as to why that is.

You Neglect in Person Friends
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