17 Signs You Are Far from Being a Girly Girl ...

By Heather

17 Signs You Are Far  from Being a Girly Girl  ...

Being a tomboy is not at all a bad thing. In fact, I was a tomboy when I was a kid. Dressing up? Colors? Fashion? I knew none of it! What I did know was dirt, grit and grime. I knew playing in the woods and never dressing up. If you aren't a girly girl, you'll totally relate to this list!

1 Sweatpants Are a Staple … Even outside of the Home

… and inside of the home the second you get home from work.

2 You Really Don't Deal with Crying Well

Or at all really. When you do cry? It's a big deal.

3 You Love the No-fuss Haircuts

You know, the ones where you don't have to use a ton of products.

4 You're That Girl …

… that will play sports, that will get sweaty, that will roll with the boys.

5 Makeup is so Not Your Friend

You've tried to be friends … but you can't figure it out.

6 You Get Ready so, so Much Faster than Girly Girls

Tousled hair, sweat pants, splash of perfume – you're ready!

7 Heels and You Aren't Friends …

Never. Ever again. Pass the Toms over.

8 Cheerleading Doesn't Really Make Sense to You

Not that it is a bad … sport, it just didn't make sense to you.

9 You Eat a Decent Amount – Even if It's Messy

Yes, you can actually devour an entire medium pizza by yourself and you're proud of it.

10 You've Tried Hair Accessories … but Failed

Bows and things? Nope! Nope! Nope!

11 You've so, so Adventurous

Like, you love to go hiking and when you swim? You'll get your hair wet.

12 Besides Sweats, Jeans and a Tee Shirt Are a Staple

And they look so, so hot on you.

13 You're Not at All a Diva

You can get dirty, camp, drink and do everything with the best of 'em. Not an ounce of princess is inside of you.

14 Video Games Are Your Life Sometimes

And you'll tuck yourself away with your Xbox and Mountain Dew.

15 Fashion, Hair Products, the Newest Trends Are All Foreign to You

Glow in the dark hair? Pantone colors? What are those?

16 When You Dress up?

You know how to look and you blow EVERYONE away.

17 You'd Rather Pick Beer over Wine – or Worst, a Fruity, Pink Drink

Beer. Good old beer.

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