9 Significant Signs of True Beauty That You Will Agree with ...


9 Significant Signs of True Beauty That You Will Agree with ...
9 Significant Signs of True Beauty That You Will Agree with ...

Beauty is a multi-faceted concept, but there are some sure signs of true beauty that are definitely worth pursuing! We can clearly see beauty outwardly and know when a man or woman is physically attractive, but the signs of true beauty start from within and radiate out! I know for me, when a gorgeous person is void of personality and virtuous traits, it diminishes their shine. We can't fundamentally change how we look, but we can certainly adopt virtuous traits that reveal the beauty within!

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Kindness is something that does take work. We aren't naturally kind to people who may have wronged us or people we don't know, therefore it's definitely one of the signs of true beauty. When you're kind-hearted and words of life flow from your mouth, it makes your inner beauty shine! Kindness has the ability to soften hearts, mend relationships and brighten someone's day. It also puts you in a better mood!



To be humble means to put others before yourself and to recognize and accept your own imperfections. And remember, pride isn't the same thing as having high self-esteem! You can be confident and sure of your abilities (as you should!) without judging others or knowing you're the best and boasting about it. People will appreciate and gravitate toward those who show humility and genuine interest in others. This is a reflection of a beautiful soul.


Passionate and Confident

Find your passion in life and share it with confidence! Someone who is passionate about life and what they love is a person whose gifts and unique abilities are being used. They know who they are and that is beautiful.



There are so many hurting and in-need people all around us. That includes physically, emotionally, financially and even spiritually. We may or may not know these individuals on a deep level, but regardless, to have an empathetic heart for those less fortunate and to hurt along with them, is a true sign of beauty. It shows love and compassion deep within you!



I love to see people who are truly joyful! Joy is different than happiness because it isn't necessarily circumstantial. Joyfulness is really a state of being rather than an emotion - it's gratification from life all-around. Joy is beautiful to witness and experience.


A Genuine Spirit

"Genuine" is a word I often use to describe someone who is true to who they are and the people they are around, friends and family included. There is no pretense, no facade, and no absence of depth from their words. Don't you just love a person with a genuine spirit?


A Loyal Friend

Truly beautiful people have outstanding records of being loyal to their friends. Of course this doesn't mean there aren't any moments of weakness. That's just normal human behavior. Generally speaking, a wonderful way to show your beauty is to be a loyal person. You'll maintain healthy relationships all your life which is so important.


A Good Listener

A good listener also reveals a humble heart, because it shows you're interested in the other person's life and not focused completely with your own affairs. When someone is genuinely interested in me and what I have to say without interruptions, it makes me feel so special and appreciated. I know this is a virtuous trait that resonates with beauty.


Doesn't Forget to Take Care of Themselves

Last but certainly not least, don't forget to take care of yourself. Some people can get so caught up in taking care of others that they neglect to take care of themselves. (I've seen this a lot with busy moms!). You can't possibly care for other people well and posses these qualities I described, without first taking care of yourself and your needs. Eat right, exercise, and care about your appearance. To neglect how you look and feel can sometimes make others believe that you don't take yourself seriously, even if that's far from the truth.

As women, we all strive to be beautiful and desire others to see our beauty. Outward beauty is fleeting, but inward beauty can only be improved upon! Can any of you beautiful ladies share what you believe to be the mark of true beauty?

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Confident, did anyone notice the spelling error behind all of the gushing? Please, if you are writing as an author and put your writing "out there" for all the world to see, use the spellcheck. Confidante is a French word borrowed by the English language to signify "the one who shares your secrets, the one you confide in". And I personally don't find an unkempt person with BO that beautiful no matter how kind she is. If you do not respect yourself and your body, how can you relate to others?

I love all these I agree 100% I need to do 9 more

Love this!

So true! Love this article! There should be more ppl like this today!

Brilliant article! I do agree!!!


This is such a great list! When I saw the title I was worried it would be outer beauty and a shallow article, this is really true xox

Right on!

I love this!

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