7 Rousing Quotes to Help You Cope in Adversity ...

We often look to ourselves or others for inspiration when the going gets tough, but here are seven rousing quotes to help you cope when those dark moments inevitably arrive. Good times, bad times. We have all had our share. Life tests our resolve in all kinds of situations and as a consequence we discover our character from the contrasting emotions we experience. From happiness to despair, from ecstasy to anguish, from hope to an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. Fight your way through the hard times and remember these quotes to help you cope in adversity.

1. Dag Hammarskjold

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This quote will help you cope in the face of adversity. It will strike a chord with you when you are at rock bottom. When you hit rock bottom it is imperative to remember that the only way is up. You can never truly assess and understand the predicament you found yourself in until you have come out of it in a blaze of glory.

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