9 Revealing Things Your Signature Says about You ...


If you've ever wondered, there are things your signature says about you. Have you ever studied handwriting analysis? I think it's a really interesting topic and I love to learn about what makes me and everyone around me unique. You may find some of the things your signature says about you surprising.

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When you begin to consider things your signature says about you, a good place to start is the size of your letters. If you use small letters you are probably shy, withdrawn or possibly concentrated and meticulous. If your letters are average you are considered well-adjusted and adaptable. And if your letters are large you are probably outgoing, outspoken and love attention. You have a lot of confidence, or at least pretend that you do.



It's been said that a person with a consistently illegible signature is probably arrogant. Not taking the time to ensure others can read your signature shows an assuming attitude that they should already know who you are. If your signature is legible, it shows that you are open and straightforward with others. It usually means that you are happy with who you are and have nothing to hide.



Take a look at where your signature is placed on the page. If your signature is to the right, you are considered natural with a tendency to look forward in life. Is your signature in the center of the page? If so, it's a sign of a need for attention or that you consider yourself important. And if your signature is placed on the left side of the paper, you may be withdrawn and cling to the past.



Next, take a look at the direction the letters in your signature face. The analysis on this is pretty short and sweet. If your signature slants to the right, you are considered outgoing and bubbly. However, if your signature slants to the left you probably don't push yourself forward enough.



Do you like to have a fancy signature? I remember I used to sign my "i" with a heart on top back in the day. Well, embellishments can also give you clues into your signature personality. If you have lines going through your signature, it's a sign that you aren't happy and are self-critical. If you underline your name it's a sign of importance and the need for recognition and status. Do you draw a circle around your signature? If so, this is a sign that you want to be protected and could be defensive.



Pressure is how hard you press while writing your signature. If you apply heavy pressure to your signature, this is a sign that you are good with commitment and taking things seriously. However, if it's too heavy this can be a sign that you are uptight. Do you use light pressure? If so, this is a sign that you are sensitive and empathetic by nature. It could also be a sign that you lack vitality.



What do you include in your signature? For years I have signed my first initial, followed by the first part of my last name. If you choose not to use your first name it can be a sign that you dislike your name or you prefer to be reserved and formal. If you write your full name, it shows a more relaxed approach to life.


Is & Ts

Do you remember to dot your Is and cross your Ts? Both letters can reveal information into your personality. Let's start with your Is. If you dot high, that's a sign of a great imagination. A dot to the left is a sign of procrastination, while a dot directly over the i shows you are organized and detail-oriented. If you circle your dot you are probably a visionary or child-like. Next let's look at your Ts. If you cross your T in the very center, this is a sign that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin. Short crosses can be a sign of laziness and lack of determination, while long crosses are a sign of enthusiasm and being stubborn.


Round Vs Pointed

Finally, let's have a look at the shape of the letters in your signature. Are your letters round or pointed? If your letters are round, it's a sign that you are creative and artistic. Pointed letters are a sign that you are very intelligent, intense and possible aggressive.

I hope you had as much fun analyzing your signature as I did. Do you think it's possible to change your personality by intentionally changing your handwriting? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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No kidding, this was spot on for me!!!! Very cool!

I once read that after Waterloo, Napoleon's signature had half the size of its original.

I agree with Tayyy

Only me who this was the opposite for? Haha!

Wtf this is stupid

Awesome!! Loved this so much, thank you

love it! was right for me :)

Love this!

Wow that was informative most of it was true for me, I think our hand writing describes our personalities and it's hard to change it intentionally but it will modify as we mature and change personality first

Hahaha!! I saw my self.. Nice😀

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