7 Reasons You Shouldn't Feel Unloved ...

It's horrible when you feel unloved. This is something that happens to everyone at various times in their life. You can be single or in a relationship when this happens. You might even feel as though you are not worth loving at all. But you shouldn't feel like this; it's not true, and you're almost certainly loved very deeply. Here's what to do when you feel unloved …

1. You Are Worth Loving

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When you feel unloved, you should remind yourself that you are worth loving. That doesn't mean being egotistic and thinking you're wonderful, as some people fear. It means seeing value in yourself and knowing that you have attractive qualities. Tell yourself this repeatedly, so that the lesson starts to sink in.

2. Everybody is Loved by Someone

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Everybody has somebody that loves them - and indeed, more than one person. Perhaps you need to remind yourself of that; it's all too easy to take someone for granted when they're a constant presence in your life. But it's certain that there is someone who does love you very much.

3. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

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Few people are intrinsically unlovable. But we often feel unloved because we have told ourselves so many times that we are not loved. The message becomes absorbed to the point that we believe it. We then project an unlovable image. Stop right now if you are doing this to yourself. We are often our own worst enemy!

4. It's Normal

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Feeling unloved at times is perfectly normal. We all go through times of feeling that nobody cares about us, even though it's not true. It's easy to forget how many people do care about us. Perhaps you should tell your friends and family that you love them - they may be feeling unloved as well.

5. Love Takes Many Forms

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Love is often taken to mean that between partners, but there are many other forms. Of course, we want to feel that we are loved by someone special, but that's not the only way of being loved. Your family loves you; so do your friends, and even your pets. Just because people don't say it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. There are probably quite a few people who love you dearly, so enjoy that feeling of knowing that you are surrounded by love..

6. Self-Pity

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Sometimes, feeling you are unloved can take the form of self-pity. "I'll never find anyone to love me!" you cry. Well, feeling sorry for yourself won't help matters. You won't come across as terribly attractive. So lay off the self-pity and start feeling more confident about yourself.

7. You Should Love Yourself

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Yes, you really do need a healthy self-image for anyone else to love you. Who is going to care about someone who doesn't have a very high opinion of themself? Loving yourself isn't about being a bighead, but being comfortable in your own skin and confident.

It's natural to feel sometimes that you are unloved, but if this starts to take over you can feel downhearted and lonely. You may just need to make a mental list of the people who do care about you a lot. Few people are truly alone in the world; if there aren't many people that you're close to, start building your confidence and then set about drawing positive people into your life. How did you deal with feeling unloved?

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