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Amazing Reasons Why You Should Keep a Journal ...

By Leiann

There are loads of reasons you should keep a journal.

Journaling is the rage these days. So somebody must be doing something right to suggest it. If it works for so many people, it is bound to be good for you too. Placing your thoughts on paper is like talking to your shrink, but the only cost is paper, pen, (or computer) and your time. They say it is great for clearing your thoughts. However, it could be more like a trustworthy BFF who is not going to blab all your deepest darkest secrets. So, where shall we begin? Here are the best reasons you should keep a journal.

1 Boosts Self-esteem

girl, window, screenshot, Don' feel pretty enough? Don't feel good enough? Write I AM BEAUTIFUL and write the reasons WHY you are GOOD ENOUGH. That's one of the best reasons you should keep a journal. It works!

2 Relieves Stress

text, writing, finger, design, font, Have a hard time falling asleep at night? Write your fears and anxieties in your journal. This will wear you out and will make the monsters go away.

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3 Lose Weight

still life, painting, furniture, table, This is something like keeping a food journal. Write down your food, drink and activity for the day to help you keep track.

4 Show Gratitude

text, book, font, hand, writing, Write down what you are grateful for. It will do wonders for your mental health!

5 Heals

torte, cake, cake decorating, This could be for mental, physical, emotional or spiritual problems. For example, journaling lowers high blood pressure.

6 Explore Desires and Needs

nature, tree, girl, plant, photography, For example, are you having a hard time finding Mr. Right? (Join the club...) Writing down what you want from a man can help you find the right one for you.

7 Lets You Be You

string instrument, darkness, musician, girl, audio, Want to talk about something juicy? Want to talk about a person you just cannot stand? Write about whatever YOU want! Be yourself.

8 Discuss Your Values

finger, product design, writing, learning, For example, are you pro-choice or pro-life? Are you a Democrat, Republican or Independent? What makes you tick?

9 Soothes Troubled Memories

music, musical instrument, musical instrument accessory, string instrument, session musician, This is self-explanatory.

10 Get Motivated

room, furniture, interior design, window, home, Write a to-do list of what you need to get accomplished, which would be nice every day. Once everything is accomplished, take out some quality moments for yourself.

So, if you are not already into journaling, maybe you should be willing to give it a chance. For many, it is so clockwork-like, a habit, just like making your morning coffee, once you get into it. You don't have to be perfect. You don't have to edit it.



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