Amazing 😉 Reasons Why 💁 You Should 👍 Keep a Journal 📓 ...

There are loads of reasons you should keep a journal.

Journaling is the rage these days. So somebody must be doing something right to suggest it. If it works for so many people, it is bound to be good for you too. Placing your thoughts on paper is like talking to your shrink, but the only cost is paper, pen, (or computer) and your time. They say it is great for clearing your thoughts. However, it could be more like a trustworthy BFF who is not going to blab all your deepest darkest secrets. So, where shall we begin? Here are the best reasons you should keep a journal.

1. Boosts Self-esteem

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Don' feel pretty enough? Don't feel good enough? Write I AM BEAUTIFUL and write the reasons WHY you are GOOD ENOUGH. That's one of the best reasons you should keep a journal. It works!

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