7 Reasons Why πŸ€” People Tend to Make Empty Promises 🀞🏼 ...


Empty promises are just that-empty. They have no follow though and are essentially just meaningless words. We've all experienced them, either given them out or received them and hung on to the false hope of their fruition. The reasons behind empty promises are many, and some might even surprise you! Since we've all experienced them in some form, there's no reason to feel bad or guilty but rather be aware of why they happen in the first place!

1. Fear of Disapproval

I would argue that the most common reason people make empty promises is out of fear of disapproval. Fear is a huge motivator and it can cause you to say and do things that are not in line with who you are at the core. Perhaps you agreed to sky diving with a new boss even though you're deathly afraid of heights; maybe you promised your significant other that you're ready to have kids when the reality is you don't know if you'll ever be ready. Remember that it's always best to be your true self and not seek the approval of others!

Need to Please
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