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7 Reasons Why I Love the Beach That I Bet You'd Agree with ...

By Bridget

Life's a beach, or so they say, and that's a saying that really applies to me - there are so many reasons why I love the beach that just thinking about them makes me want to grab my beach bag right now! Why do I love the beach? Let me count the ways... Here are 7 reasons why I love the beach, and I am sure you do, too.

1 The Water

The WaterOne of the reasons why I love the beach so much is because of the water. Ever since I can remember, I have been splashing about in the ocean, the bay and the sound that I live so close to. I simply love the water and even if the air is chilly, I still have to dip my toes in it. It grounds me and brings me peace.

2 The Sun

The SunFeeling that sunshine warm my face instantly lifts up my spirits. I am a totally light dependent, and when I go to the beach, I feel my vitamin D levels being restored and I feel a sense of happiness and balance almost immediately.

3 The Tranquility

The TranquilitySometimes, you just need to take a break from reality. While I can't always go on vacation, a trip to the beach is all that I need to make me feel like I got away. There is no electricity, no emails to answer, no phones to pick up; it's just me, a beach chair, the water, the sun and the sand. It's just the tranquility that I need.

4 The Beauty

The BeautyI recently saw a quote that said, "You are one step closer to Heaven when you are at the beach," and I think this completely sums up my feeling of the beach. Its vastness makes me realize how beautiful nature is. It puts into perspective what is really important to me.

5 The Vastness

The VastnessThe everyday hustle and bustle of life can easily start to be overwhelming. When I'm stuck in the middle of all of that hustle and bustle, I think that all my problems are so great and that they are the center of the world. Staring out into the endless expanse of the sea, to a horizon that just keeps on going, reminds me that my problems aren't as bad as they seem when I'm in the real world.

6 The Nature

The NatureEven though I have been to the beach millions of times, every time I go, I find something new and exciting about it. Taking a walk along the shore, I am always astounded by how many different shells I find. When I observe a tide pool, I am always amazed to see how much life resides in it. When I look at a sunset, I am always shocked by the wonder of our planet and our solar system.

7 The Fun

The FunGoing to the beach always guarantees a good time. Building sandcastles, searching for marine life, flipping in the water, running to the ice cream man... a trip to the beach always means fun and great memories.

Yes, the beach is my very favorite place on earth. I am so blessed to live so close to so many beautiful beaches. My life truly is a beach. Do you love the beach? What is it that you love the most about it?

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