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7 Reasons Why following Your Passion is More Important than Money ...

By Corina

In my opinion, there are a lot of reasons why following your passion is more important than money. I couldn’t agree more with what Confucius said: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." because you can indeed find true happiness in little things. Of course, some might disagree with what I said because after all, you should be able to support yourself and some of your passions might not help you make a sustainable income. Yet, you must understand that money doesn’t buy happiness, so you shouldn’t allow yourself to be blinded by all the money you could gain by doing something that does not suit you. It’s okay to make sacrifices sometimes, yet you shouldn’t forget about these next reasons why following your passion is more important than money:

1 It Won’t Feel like Work

One of the reasons why following your passion is more important than money is the fact that you won’t even feel like you’re working, since you really enjoy what you are doing. While most people can’t wait to get home from work and relax, you won’t even notice how fast the time flies since you will be focused on what you are doing and not on the fact that you are stuck in a dead-end job.

2 Nothing Will Help You Overcome the Feeling of Doing Something You Hate

No matter how much money you make at your job, it won’t make you feel happy if you don’t enjoy what you are doing. You will only feel miserable and stressed out and I really think that none of the benefits you might obtain there will not help you overcome that awful feeling of doing something you hate. Most of the time, you won’t even have the opportunity to spend all that money you gain or to enjoy the benefits you‘ve earned, since you will be too busy doing something that doesn’t suit you.

3 You Will Be More Inclined to Work Late Hours

If you follow your passion, you will definitely be more inclined to work late hours since it won’t even feel like work to you. When you’re really passionate about something, you want it to be just perfect, so you won’t feel like you’re making any sacrifice in order to get things done. The late hours you’ll have to put in won’t seem such a burden anymore because you are not forced to do them. It’s your choice and this makes it even more enjoyable.

4 Nothing Will Prevent You from Reaching Your Goals

When you’re really passionate about something, nothing will prevent you from reaching your goals. You will always find the strength you need to overcome all the obstacles that might appear in your path and you won’t feel exhausted doing it. Just like Eddie Cuffin said: “Your passion ignites your work, and like a rocket, it accelerates you past road blocks that may come about. Any obstacle that comes your way is accepted and fought off with a creative solution.”.

5 You Will Be More Passionate about the Work You Are Doing

Since work won’t seem like a burden to you anymore, you won’t feel like you are forced to go to work. You will be one of those lucky people who do not understand the meaning of the famous expression: “having a bad case of the Mondays” since you can’t wait to get back to work after the weekend. You don’t understand why all those people fuss about this and why they eagerly wait for the weekend so they could enjoy themselves, since you do it all the time, whether you are working or not.

6 You Can Come up with Better Ideas

Since you love your job so much, you will be able to dedicate yourself 100% to take care of all the issues that you might come across and you could come up with even better ideas, because you will be able to relate more to your work. You do realize that not everything will go as smoothly as you planned it but with a bit of effort, you will manage to overcome all the obstacles that might appear in your path and you will be more inclined to come up with creative ideas which will help you look past those dull days that you’ll encounter every now and then.

7 You Will Feel Even Happier when You Finally Make It

When you will finally make it and you are successful, you will feel even happier and fulfilled because you are doing something that you enjoy, something that you really love and that will help you live a meaningful life. Remember: your working career will consume most of your life, so why not do something that you’ll enjoy?

You don’t need to do something you hate in order to be successful or to gain enough money to support yourself or your family. Just stay true to yourself and always follow your passions if this is what will make you happy. Do you know any other reasons why following your passion is more important than money? Do tell!


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