7 Reasons Why Embracing Change Will Make You a Happier Woman ...

Are you very resistant to any changes in your life? Do you prefer to stick to what you know? While that's understandable, resisting changes can be very stressful. Few things endlessly remain the same, and it's much more productive and positive to come to terms with changes. Here are some reasons why embracing change will make you happier …

1. Change is Necessary

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If we're not to remain stagnant then change is very necessary in our lives. Do you want to remain stuck in the same position your entire life? We need change to shake us up sometimes and stop us becoming too stuck or complacent. Otherwise we risk being very limited in our outlook - and that means we won't develop as a person.

2. Outside Influences

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However much we may try to keep control of our lives, sometimes outside factors have a deciding influence. We can't change them, so it's how we react to those influences that is important. Rolling with those changes that are imposed upon us is much more positive than getting upset and angry, and is also more realistic, as we can't avoid change altogether.

3. Positive

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Although it may not seem it at the time, change can sometimes be a very positive thing for us. So when changes happen in your life that you're uncertain about, try to see the positive side of it. You may find that you discover something that is much better for you than what you'd hoped was going to happen. Plus being positive makes coping with change easier.

4. New Opportunities

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Think of the saying 'As one door closes, another door opens.' We can look back later on and realise just how true that is. So accept the changes in your life and look for the positive aspects of them - you may be surprised at just how many there are. Say you don't get the job you'd really wanted - perhaps if you'd taken that job, you wouldn't have then been offered an even better one.

5. You'll Be Happier

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If you accept changes and embrace them, you'll be much happier. There's no use complaining or wishing that things were different; you'll only get upset or feel negative. Things sometimes happen the way they do, and you can't change that. Living with change and seeing it as something positive is far less stressful than fighting it.

6. Adventurous

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Embracing change can lead you to become more adventurous. Sure, not everything that you try will work out. But you can learn a lot about yourself and what you're capable of if you have the courage to take chances. You may surprise yourself at just what you can do.

7. You Flourish

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If you learn to embrace change it's astonishing just how much you can flourish. Take my own example - age 38, I moved countries, something I'd always wanted to do. It was a massive change, and hard work. But it was also the best move I ever made. I've made so much progress as a person, and am so much happier than I would have been had I stayed in familiar surroundings.

So you see how happy you can be if you embrace change instead of resisting it. It's practical, positive and sensible to accept the need for change. Life would be dull if it always stayed the same! Have you ever made any massive changes to your life?

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