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7 Reasons Why Not Caring so Much is Life Changing ...

By Donatella

Ladies, we are notorious over thinkers, aren’t we? It’s so easy to fall in love with the idea of things and care too much. I’ve recently discovered the liberating feeling of not caring so much. Goals, dreams, and pursuing your passion are things you should always care about, but I’m talking about the other things in life…

1 Fewer Disappointments

One of the biggest reasons why not caring so much is life changing is because you will have fewer disappointments. Take it from someone who used to set the bar way too high, make unrealistic expectations about things, and then feel disappointment when things didn’t work out the way it was mapped out in my head. By not caring so much about the outcomes of certain things in my life, I have found that my disappointment thermometer has dropped down a lot.

2 Less Stress

Similarly, not caring so much means less stress in your life. Doesn’t the thought of less stress sound wonderful? It should sound wonderful because it is wonderful. A fairy godmother isn’t going to appear in your life and take away your stress; you need to be your own fairy godmother. Your mind is a powerful thing – relax it by telling it that you accept less stress in your life by not caring so much.

3 Letting Things Come to You

A hot boyfriend, shiny car, and promotion are not going to just be handed to you on a silver platter, but those things will come in due time. Just sit back, enjoy riding the up and down waves of life, and stop stressing that you need to have everything all figured out already. When you don’t care so much, you allow the Universe to let things come to you. Does this mean stop trying? No. Does this mean stop going after the things you want? No. This means finding a healthy balance of knowing what to chase after and knowing what to allow to come to you on its own timing.

4 More Respect for Yourself

By letting things go you’re showing love and respect for yourself. Your mind is a precious jewel and if you stress it out by worrying about the what-if and the what-could-have-been and the why-didn’t-I, you will make yourself sick. Teach your subconscious mind to believe that by not caring so much about things, you’re actually loving yourself and respecting yourself more.

5 Less Drama

You will see that by eliminating the worry of caring too much you’ll begin to experience less drama in your life, too. No offense to some people I know, but they’re known to make a project out of everything. You know who those people are in your life…or maybe that person is you. Don’t blow something up out of proportion. That’s why women are more commonly called “the emotional ones” – we often times thrive off drama or create it because it’s all we know. If you want that to change in your life, stop caring so much.

6 Embracing New Opportunities

Your “I-care-too-much” self will not allow new opportunities to come into your life unless you tell that other self to quit being a whiney b*tch. Those “well I can change him” or the “well let me just stick it out one more week” or even the “I’m going to wait for the perfect moment” sayings need to be erased from your mind. Learn what old needs to leave your life to allow the new to come in!

7 Acceptance That What is Meant to Be Will Be

This may be, perhaps, the biggest reason why you need to stop caring so much about things in life. How many times have you tried desperately to control an outcome and it didn’t go your way? How many times did you hope and wish and pray for something and it never came? How many times have you cried out, WHY ME?! If you’re human, which you are, then the answer is: probably once or twice a day…maybe once hundred or two thousand times a day... My point is that you can’t control things in your life. I can’t control things in my life. The most liberating feeling is accepting that only what’s meant to be will be.

Nobody can explain why bad things happen, why good things happen. But what can be explained is how things can affect and change your life. Are you going to allow things to change your life in a negative way or in a positive way? Ultimately you need to decide. How have you freed yourself from caring so much? Have you seen changes in your life?

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