7 Reasons to Love Yourself Right Now ...


It can be difficult to think of reasons to love yourself. Maybe you don’t like the way you look. Maybe other people don’t treat you as well as they should and that’s getting you down. Either way, you are an amazing human being and you should be unconditionally loving yourself right now. So read these reasons to love yourself and cheer up!

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You’re Not Perfect, but Neither is Anyone else

Who the heck wants to be perfect anyway? Do people say that you’re weird? Weird is way better than normal, and this a one of the very best reasons to love yourself for exactly who you are. Normal people are boring and ordinary. You are one in a million because you are not perfect. People who seem like they are perfect are just really great liars, to themselves and others.


If You Love Yourself, Others Will Too

I am a firm believer that you have to love yourself before you can truly love other people. If other people see that you love and respect yourself, they will want to do the same for you. I used to be one of the most insecure people because I thought I was invisible to the world. Then one day I stopped caring what everyone else thought about me and decided that my opinion was the only one that mattered to me. After that point I was not invisible anymore, and I meant something to people. Now I have a people in my life who love and adore me and wouldn’t give me up for the world. If I can do it, you sure as hell can.


Bad Things That Happen to You Aren’t Burdens or Baggage

Everyone has bad things that happen to them in their life. Some are worse than others. But don’t think of your dark past has a skeleton in the closet, think of it as life experience. You are the only person who had your exact experiences, learn from them and grow stronger.


You Are Intelligent Whether You Think so or Not

I have this problem. I always put myself down for not having the best GPA in the world, but the truth is that book smarts aren’t everything. I mean if you can get an A on a physics exam without even flipping through a textbook to study, good for you. But I know a lot of people who are book smart that don’t know the first thing about street smarts. Common sense is a form of intelligence. Maybe you’re good at writing, or painting. Not all types of intelligence are graded in school.


Loving Yourself Makes You Healthier

If you truly love yourself, you will start to love your body as well. I remember when I started to love myself for who I was, I started to run outside every day. Eventually, I was running about seven miles every morning, and I was eating healthier. People told me that my skin glowed and that I looked great. Self-love makes you beautiful.


Nobody Has Ever Been Happy with Their Body. You Should Be the First to Change That

Everyone thinks they are too fat, skinny, short, or tall. Maybe you think your butt is too big, but I can guarantee you that someone would kill for a behind like yours. Or maybe you’re one of the people who has two different colored eyes and you are totally self-conscious about it. If you are one of those people I’ll tell you right now that I’m jealous of you because I think that that is so different and beautiful.


Self-love Makes You Look Younger

If you love yourself, you actually appear to look younger. If you don’t love yourself, you look older and more stressed out. You form wrinkles earlier, and you stop caring about your health. When people love themselves, you can see it in their eyes. Self-loving people can look like they’re 25 when they are really in their late thirties.

People who love themselves are fantastic people to hang out with. You know what’s even more fantastic? If you start loving yourself right now! People will always want to be with you because you will exude health, beauty, and positive energy. You will have the ability to be completely independent and happy. What more could you want?

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Great place to start! Thanks for writing this :-) it would be cool to have some daily thoughts or practices to work on. Maybe your next article ?! ;-)

It's great to take care of such a wonderful gift God has given to you :)

it really motivates me. I'm going to start loving myself more

It's totally amusing how All Women Stalk gives me exactly what I need at the right time!

I love this it's real help to me

Really uplifting at a time like this.

I seriously love this article..! I was so worried about myself today, especially because I had been pushed into thinking that I wasn't intelligent enough.. But I'm so happy now, and I'm surely gonna try loving myself!

Love this!

We must love our self first.. So we can love others.

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