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7 Reasons to Look before You Leap ...

By Alicia

It is always a wise choice to look before you leap when you make a decision. There are many good reasons for this. Some of us are not natural at this but the good news is that it can be a learned skill. Let’s talk about some important reasons to look before you leap.

1 It Will save You Tons of Regret

If you choose to look before you leap, it can save you tons of regret later on. Regret is a terrible feeling. To know that you should have done something better or in a different way can just weigh you down. You feel angry with yourself when you are feeling regret. Save yourself from this and look before you leap.

2 It is Wise

Looking before you leap is just the wise choice to make. Rather than take the risk of making a poor choice, you are looking ahead to see possible outcomes when you look before you leap. This is a sign of intelligence and maturity. Not looking before you leap labels you as impulsive and possibly immature. The good thing is that this is a learned habit and anyone can improve upon it.

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3 It is Sensible

It is only sensible to look before you leap. It makes sense to take the time to figure out what a decision is going to cost you before you enter into it. This is the case whether it has to do with your time, your finances or whatever the situation may include. People with a good head on their shoulders are likely to take the time to figure the cost of a decision. Not taking time to look before you leap is kind of like going shopping without knowing how much money you have to spend. It is unwise and potentially embarrassing.

4 It Saves Face

Looking before you leap can help you to save face. It is embarrassing when you make a bad decision that you could have avoided if you had only looked before you leaped. There is nothing worse than knowing you made a bad decision and it becoming public knowledge. Unfortunately, this is what usually happens when you don’t take the time to think something through before making a decision. No one wants to endure embarrassment.

5 You Won’t Have to Clean up a Mess Later

One of the worst things about not looking before you leap is that you are often left with a mess to clean up. Worse yet, you know it is entirely your own fault. Many financial falls have been the result of not looking before you leap. Many failed relationships have been the result of not looking before you leap. In most areas, if not all, of your life, it is always wise to look before you leap. You can at least be aware of the potential pitfalls this way.

6 You save Yourself a Lot of Headache

Dealing with the fallout of not looking before you leap can be a huge headache. It depends on the situation as to how bad it is. It could be something fairly simple such as a little extra debt on your credit card from not thinking a purchase through carefully enough. It could be something as extensive as having to deal with a terrible ex-husband for years to come. You save yourself the trouble of many unpleasant things if you just look before you leap.

7 It Saves Hurt Feelings

Sometimes we hurt the ones we love the most by not looking before we leap. We may leave someone out unintentionally because we didn’t think our actions through. We may lose a friendship because we shared a bit too much personal information about them and didn’t consider the consequences. We can be affected in so many ways if we don’t look before we leap. Those around us that we love most can be affected, too.

Looking before you leap is always a wise choice to make. It saves you so much trouble. Have you had situations in your own life where you regretted not looking ahead?

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