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7 Reasons to Let Go of a Grudge You Have Been Clinging to ...

By Alicia

There are so many good reasons to let go of a grudge. Grudges are not your friend. They are bad for you in many more ways than you probably even realize. Let’s talk about some very specific reasons to let go of a grudge so you can live a better, happier life.

1 Grudges Take Energy

Grudges take energy. We really don’t realize how much energy they were sucking from us until we truly let go of them. One of the reasons to let go of a grudge is because of how much energy it is stealing from you. There are so many other things that you could be doing with that energy. Use that energy for good, not for nursing a grudge.

2 Grudges Hurt You

Grudges are not helpful to you in any way. They hurt you. If you are holding a grudge you are more than likely playing the scenes that hurt you over and over in your mind. This feeds the grudge and hurts you every time you think those thoughts. Choose to let go for your own personal benefit.


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3 It is Tiring to Hold onto a Grudge

Grudges make you tired. Have you ever held a grudge and thought about how much it cost you? How it emotionally exhausted you? If you haven’t, think about that now. Holding a grudge is mentally and emotionally exhausting.

4 It Keeps You Tied to the Person

You know, this is something I did not realize until I read it. Holding a grudge keeps you tied to the person you have a grudge against. It is like an invisible cord linking the two of you. If you are like me, the last thing that you want is to be tied to someone who hurt you. This is a great motivator to let that grudge go.

5 It Holds You Prisoner

Grudges hold you prisoner. They trap you with their pain. I hate the thought of someone that hurt me inflicting even more pain on me for months or years to come if I hold a grudge. Letting go of a grudge is freeing. I don’t want someone that has hurt me to have access to any more of my life than they have already infringed upon.

6 It is a Good Deed

Setting someone free from a grudge is a good deed. It is kindness, goodness and compassion all wrapped up into one. Realize that when you forgive a grudge you are being the better person and you can pride yourself on that. You can realize that you are so strong that they did not bring you down. It is a sign of your strong sense of self-worth to forgive a grudge.

7 It is Freeing

Forgiving a grudge is freeing to you. It releases you to go on and live your life in a happier, more peaceful way. It frees up a lot of mental space. It breathes new life and health into your emotions. It is one of the kindest things you can do not only for someone else but for yourself. It is only when you forgive a grudge and move on, that you truly realize how captive you were.

It is tempting to hold a grudge but they are so harmful. Have you successfully let go of grudges? Share your story here!

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