7 Reasons to Be Grateful for Everything in Your Life ...


Sometimes when times are tough, it can be hard to find reasons to be grateful. When you’re at your lowest, it’s important to remind yourself that things will get better, and one of the first ways to do that is to make a list of reasons to be grateful. How will you compose your own gratitude checklist, and what might be on it? You might have more to be thankful for than you think. Read on.

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Your Health

One of the biggest, most important reasons to be grateful is your health. You’re never reminded more of this than when you’re sick. Whether you have a pounding headache or if you’ve come down with something more serious, time stands still and nothing else seems to matter like it did before. Be grateful for your health every day.


Your Friends

If you are a good friend, chances are someone will be a good friend back. They say counting the number of friends on one hand is all you need. Be grateful for your friends and remind them how much they mean to you. This includes your furry friends. They love you to pieces, so why not love them back?


Your Family

Everyone’s family can get on their nerves. But, even in the middle of the holidays, whether you come from a big noisy family ,or a small quiet one, remember to be grateful that these seemingly dysfunctional people love you, and that they'll always be there for you, no matter what.


Your past

Be grateful for everything that went wrong. For every missed job opportunity and failed relationship, remember what’s happened has already happened. When you look at your life now, seeing what went wrong makes it easier to see what’s gone right. It'll also show you just how far you've come, how strong and resilient you are, and how much you've learned.


For the Little Things

Sometimes simply looking up at the sky can remind you how beautiful this life is. When they say "stop and smell the roses," you really should stop and do just that. It’ll center you and remind you that it really is the little things that we should be grateful for. And there really are so many little things, like the warmth of a teacup in your hands, the chirping of a bird announcing spring... the list goes on and on.


What’s to Come

Though we can’t see the future, being thankful for it and being grateful for what’s to come is something important to do. Think of all of the beautiful things that have already happened to you. Now be grateful for the things that are on their way. Is there anything more exciting than an event, even one you don't know about yet, on the horizon?


This Moment

Take away your past, take away your future and be grateful for this moment that you’re in right now. The bad will pass and the good will come again. Be grateful for everything in your life. This is your moment, right here, right now. Cherish it!

Being grateful costs nothing, yet it is worth so much. Even in tough times remember what you’re grateful for even if it’s difficult to do. And, especially remember to be grateful in the good times when it’s easy to forget. What are you grateful for? Leave a comment and tell me all about it!

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superb...very motivational...mmm...i truly need this

What's to come :)

I'm grateful for God is faithful in our lives ... If we learn how to appreciate lil things so we will be grateful in big things... Be grateful in every test of life .. It means God is preparing something special .. God bless everyone!

what a lovely post ?. I am so grateful for my wonderful boyfriend and for my family and friends ?.

I have loved and lost!! Absolutely everyone and everything so I'm extremely grateful for where I am in my life!!! Thank you Lord!!

Most definitely your health, never ever take it for granted...and the little things! If you fail to appreciate all the little things you will ultimately be blind to the bigger ones...savor the small things every day, and be thankful for them...

Oo.. its is supposed to be hearts.. not question marks.. hmm :-P

So tue!!

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