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This is Why It's Beautiful to Be a Biracial Child ...

By Sabrina

Let me begin with a quick disclaimer: I don’t think biracial or multiracial children are more beautiful than children with one heritage. Whether you are a mixture of eighteen different ethnicities, as white as snow, or black as charcoal, you’re beautiful! But historically, biracial children have faced loads of criticism from society, so I’d like to take some time to explain why I find multiracial children so stunning!

1 Best of Both Worlds

One reason why it’s beautiful to be a biracial child is that you get the best of both worlds! Granted, you'll sometimes get the worst of both worlds, as well as criticism for being mixed, but you can’t ignore the positive altogether! You receive beautiful features from multiple races, which leads to a more unique and rare physical beauty.

2 Living Proof of Progress

Throughout history, humanity has proven time and time again how superficial and ignorant it can be. But things are finally looking brighter, and you’re the proof of that! Your mere existence is proof that love conquers all and can overcome racial roadblocks, even in a world where there is still some division between races. Part of your beauty comes in the form of hope for a brighter, more equal future for society as a whole.

3 Merge Cultures

No matter what ethnicities you are, you have an opportunity to embrace two different cultures—without offending either! You can learn how to cook the food, do the dances, and wear the gorgeous clothing from each of your parent's cultures. What a beautiful gift to be thankful for!

4 Understand and Relate to More People

Instead of being able to understand only one race on a personal level, you can relate to two or more races. This makes you such a valuable member of society, that your beauty becomes very evident! Plus, you’ll “fit in” with more people, depending on how you identify racially.

5 Beautiful Contrast

We all love Megan Fox for her dark hair and azure eyes, and Tyra Banks for her caramel skin and green eyes. Our brains are drawn to contrast—it’s captivating, rare, and beautiful! If you are a mixed person who benefits from these contrasts, you should know that you are such a uniquely gorgeous woman!

6 Different Perspective

Any new or unusual perspective is beautiful and valuable, especially in today’s society where we embrace diversity more and more each year. Your outlook on life, which has been influenced by two or more cultures, will be invariably unique.

7 Growing Community

As a multiracial child, you become part of a growing community of children with mixed heritage. Before, love across racial borders was often frowned upon. But as the times are changing, so are numbers of biracial and multiracial individuals. That’s why you get to belong to a close-knit, blossoming community!

Being multi-racial still isn’t easy; you may feel like you need to choose sides sometimes and reject part of your identity. But if you ignore all the noise of racist and close-minded people and choose to embrace yourself wholly, you’ll see how beautiful you are! Inside and out! What do you love most about being multiracial?

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