7 Quotes from Susan B. Anthony to Celebrate Women's History Month ...


March is Women’s History Month, which makes it the perfect time to read a few inspiring quotes from Susan B. Anthony. Susan B. Anthony lived from 1820 to 1906, during which time she was an instrumental leader in the Women’s Rights Movement. She worked very closely with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and together they held various conferences and lead various associations in an effort to get women the right to vote. In 1866, the two women established the American Equal Rights Association, and in 1869, they founded the National Women’s Suffrage Association. One of Anthony’s chief motivations for trying to get women the right to vote was that she felt women would never be taken seriously unless they had the right to vote. In addition to leading women’s rights organizations, she also tried to exercise her right to vote by voting illegally in the 1872 presidential election. Anthony was fined for 100 dollars for the crime, which she never paid! Clearly, she was a very strong woman, which is why the quotes from Susan B. Anthony are so motivating to read.

1. Independence

One of the shortest and most profound quotes from Susan B. Anthony is, “Independence is happiness.” Anthony lived her life as an independent woman, which is quite impressive considering she lived in the Victorian Era when women were treated as if they were breakable. Her independence may not have brought her the right to vote, but it did bring her the right to act and think for herself. Independence is often taken for granted; however, it is such an important part of life and it can make a person very happy. Next time you pay a bill a for yourself or fix a leaky faucet, instead of complaining, consider how wonderful it is that you can be independent of others and do things for yourself.

Women’s Strength
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