Promises ✌️ Every Woman 💯 Should Make 👍 to Herself ...


There are some promises every woman should make to herself. From the moment we make friends as little girls, women become well adept at the art of making and keeping promises. Whether it’s who your best friend has a crush on or who exactly did that naughty thing with the photocopying machine at the office Christmas party, we love keeping secrets and we love making promises to ensure that they stay that way. However, a busy woman who spends most of her time thinking about others can often forget to make the promises that are the most important; promises to herself. Here are a few of those important promises every woman should make to herself.

1. Enjoy Being Alone

Some women have the tendency to make bad choices, whether it be in terms of friends or in terms of lovers, simply because they don’t want to be alone. Make the promise to yourself to embrace being alone when the time calls for it. There is no shame in focusing on yourself and enjoying an extended period of ‘me time’. It’s healthy for the soul and can help you to reconnect with yourself, without the presence of questionable company! If you ask me, this is one of the most important promises every woman should make to herself.

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