9 Pretty Convincing Signs You're Doing Better than You Think ...


9 Pretty Convincing Signs You're Doing Better than You Think ...
9 Pretty Convincing Signs You're Doing Better than You Think ...

Even if you feel a bit overwhelmed lately by all the obstacles you have to overcome on a daily basis, you must know that there are a few pretty convincing signs you’re doing better than you think - signs you should consider the next time you might be tempted to ask yourself “Why me?”. Life is filled with highs and lows and you shouldn’t get discouraged if things don’t come out as planned from time to time. Remember that by always feeling stressed out and tired because of all those things that are basically beyond your control, you will not make your problems go away; you will just make them a lot more scarier. I know that sometimes it can be quite hard to get all those negative thoughts out of your head but it’s not impossible. Just remember those signs you’re doing better than you think and you’ll feel better in a jiffy.

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You Have a Roof over Your Head

One of the most convincing signs you’re doing better than you think you should always consider is the fact that you have a roof over your head and you are not at risk of shivering in the cold, especially now, when winter is coming. Maybe some of you may think this is not a big deal, but a homeless person will surely contradict you. Be glad you have somewhere nice you can call your home and think about how lucky you are that you are able to study and work in order to afford this beautiful home.


You Can Eat Whatever You Want

Be glad and thankful that you’ve eaten today. Maybe this may sound silly to some, but research shows that one in eight people in the world today are suffering from hunger, so be happy that you are not one of them. Also, you can choose what you want to eat and you don’t have any restrictions imposed by limited resources or some kind of illness, and that, my friend, really is a big deal, so quit complaining and focus on the beautiful things in life.


You Can Go outside without Being Afraid of Anything

Be happy there's peace in your country and that you have nothing to fear when you go outside every day because, sadly in too many places around the world, people have to face wars, protests, car bombs or mass shootings. Think how lucky you are that you have it so easy. You are able to simply enjoy the beauty of nature and the company of your loved ones, without thinking about different ways to keep your family safe every single minute of the day.


Your Country Protects Your Basic Human Rights and Civil Liberties

This sign you’re doing better than you think is very close related to that previous one. Be glad you live in a country that fights for and protects your human rights and civil liberties. You should be happy you can be who you really are, no matter what race, skin color, sexual orientation, gender or religion you have. If you have the liberty to marry whoever you want, it’s even better, so think about how lucky you are before feeling overwhelmed by the problems you have to face. They will definitely seem less important and less scary now.


You Have People Who Love You

Think about how lucky you are that you’re not alone, that you have people thinking about you, people who miss you, people who want the best for you. Cherish your friends and relatives, because they will always be there by your side when you’ll need them. Appreciate their love and show them more often how much you love them too.


You Are Able to Hear and See the Beauties of This World

If you are able to hear, see and enjoy the beauties of this world, then you are one lucky lady. Be thankful for this privilege, for the fact that you are healthy enough to be able to do this. Be happy that you can taste the sweetness of chocolate and enjoy the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. Happiness lies in the little things; never forget that!


You Have a Job

No matter if you love or even hate your job be thankful for it! At least you have a job, unlike all those people who can’t provide for their families or even for themselves because they can’t find a job. Statistics show that in the US 11,550,000 people are currently unemployed. I’m not saying you shouldn’t pursue your dreams and or that you shouldn’t try to fulfill your goals by find a job that you would like, I’m just telling you to be thankful for what you have, because some people would give anything for a job they would hate but which will help them gain enough money to support themselves or their families.


You Can Stand up Right Now if You Wanted to

You should always be thankful for being able to move whenever you want. Be happy you have working limbs and that nothing can prevent you from seeing all the beautiful things this world has to offer. Movement is an expression of joy, so even if you feel exhausted physically, remember that and realize how lucky you are to be able to feel tired. There are people who would give anything just to be in your place for a couple of hours, so think about that the next time you might be tempted to say how tired exercising makes you feel..


You Have Experienced Failure

Yes, this is precisely what you’ve read. You really are lucky if you have experienced failure because failure is the best teacher you’ll ever have. It’s actually not a bad thing, but a learning opportunity. If you always worry about all kinds of things like your career, your family or your responsibilities and you fear you won’t be able to accomplish everything or that you might fail, be thankful that you are ambitious and perseverant to even try to accomplish them. Don’t be so hard on yourself, just loosen up a bit!

I’m sure you realize you’re doing so much better than a lot of people in this world and I hope you are really thankful for that. What are signs you’re doing better than you think have come to your mind while you were reading this? Please share your thoughts with us!


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Love this such simple things can be so easy to take for granted!

Getting caught up in our own lives and focusing on only the negative we forget that there is so much to be grateful for! Thank you for this article.

This is the best article I've read on here yet :)

So many things we take for granted. #blessed #grateful

Thank you. I really need to hear this. Well, read anyways.

I understand that people forget the good things in life but when someone is feeling down or awful, one of the worst things you can do is tell them that they're lucky/things could be worse. I would've appreciated done ways to feel like you're accomplished a little more relevant to the western world. Just bc someones problems aren't life or death doesn't mean they are less important to them.

Thank you! I really needed this.

This is great<3

The best article!!!

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