7 Positive Mantras to Overcome Stress That Work like a Charm ...

I know all of us have suffered anxiety at some point in our lives, whether chronically or on occasion, and I find it always helps to have a list of positive mantras to overcome stress in your back pocket for these nerve-stricken times. If you think mantras are hokey, then you simply haven’t found a powerful one that works for you yet. Trust me, there have been times when a mantra, or positive motivating sentence, was the one thing that pushed me through my struggles. Here are my favorite 7 specific mantras to overcome stress for certain situations. Come up with your own or feel free to borrow one of mine. I don’t mind sharing a bit!

1. For Times of Worry

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One of my favorite mantras to overcome stress when I’m really worried about something is the following: “Worrying today is borrowing from tomorrow.” This may seem incredibly simple and useless to some, but to me, it helps me remember that I’m wasting my time worrying about something that isn’t here yet. Instead, I remember to take action today against what I’m worried about. Whether that be a physical action, a verbal one, or a simple prayer, action takes away worry. Try it!

2. For Times of Fear

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When I’m afraid of a situation, whether it is current or upcoming, or I’m just fearful of the future, finances, etc., I repeat the following to myself: “Fear is nothing more than a feeling of uncertainty." This reminds me that fear is nothing more than an emotion, much like joy, and it is coming from a feeling of uncertainty, not from an actual physical occurrence. Emotional strength is a muscle, and the more you work it, the more it develops.

3. In Times of Weariness

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If you’re working out or physically exhausted, then it can be hard to see anything in a positive light or have a desire to keep going. If I’m working out and suffering from extreme fatigue, yet want to push myself to develop more strength, I repeat the following: “My mind is stronger than my muscles.” Our mental strength is one of our most underrated strengths. Don’t run with your legs, run with you mind! You can do anything you set your mind to. If you’re physically exhausted, and can’t take rest, then remind yourself that rest will come and your body is able to do more than you can imagine.

4. In Times of Temptation

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Anytime I’m tempted to spend money I don’t have, or binge on food I don’t need to out of stress, I remind myself of this message, which has worked for me for over 10 years in struggling with a binge eating problem, along with helping me resist financial temptations: “There is no greater peace than waking up guilt-free in the morning.” This reminds you that as good as something might feel right now in the moment, that the moment is fleeting, as is the high you’ll get from food or shopping. Yet the damage you’ll create will last through tomorrow, affecting your future happiness. Most times, we give in to temptation due to stress or habit. The best way to gain a new peace and break a bad habit is to practice active, consistent reinforcement messages like these. Create a happier tomorrow and don’t fall into temptation today.

5. In Times of Hurt

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I have to admit, I have a sensitive heart. I always have and always will. What used to be a low self esteem is now simply a tender heart. I manage this effectively by repeating the following anytime I’m hurt from external sources: “This too shall pass.” What is perhaps one of the oldest quotes of time works wonders for me. It reminds me of my grandma that used to repeat this and gives me a sense of comfort. It also reminds me that this hurt and this circumstance will pass, but my heart and strength are eternal. A simple quote that sends comfort to you will remind you that you withstand circumstances, not the other way around.

6. In Times of Anger

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Even being tenderhearted, I still get angry at times. To release this inner emotion, which damages the soul, I repeat the following to myself: “All our faults are equal in greater eyes.” Whether you’re religious or not, remember that in the grand scheme of things, all of our faults are equal when it comes to being wrong. What someone has done to you may be wretched, but we have all hurt others at some point, or will do so, whether intentionally or not. Remind yourself of that, release your anger by ignoring the source of anger and offering inner forgiveness for that person. You’ll receive more peace this way and find it easier to move on. It doesn't mean you have to submit yourself to their presence anymore, but it does help you remember that you can't change what is in the past, so don't prevent yourself from future happiness.

7. In Times of Depression

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Suffering depression during one of the largest parts of my life thus far, I effectively learned how to get through these times by eating well, exercising and repeating positive message like this one to myself: “I am stronger than my circumstances.” This message is incredibly simple, yet was highly effective for me. It reminded me that no matter how sad I was and though I suffered three years of wretched, isolating depression, I told myself this every single day until I began believing it. Tape it to your mirror, your car and your computer. Then eat a healthy meal, go for a walk, do yoga, get a hot shower or bath, and remember to look at this every single day. Repeat it out loud until you believe it!

I love learning new quotes that remind us we are stronger than our circumstances. Share your mantras with me and maybe I’ll get a new favorite! I also love certain Bible verses for positive message reinforcement, so feel free to share those if you have any!

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