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10 New Year's Messages to Text to Make Your Loved Ones Happy ...

By Reem

performance, girl, event, New Year is one of my best holidays so why not load up on New Year's messages to text? It is one of the holidays that is celebrated by people from all different walks of life. What a great holiday to get rid of disturbing thoughts and focus on joyful ones! The most special thing about New Year's is that it reinforces and reminds everyone that the year has passed and so did the negative parts of it. So, I’ve rounded up some New Year's messages to text that you can share with your dear ones to bring hope and better days.

1 Cheers

Cheers to the New Year that will be a remarkable one!

2 End of a Chapter

We have reached the end of a story, but a new one will be written so soon. Hope the story of 2018 will be an exciting and magical one.

3 In My Heart

Though we are far away, I’ll look at the sky and know you are celebrating a new birth of life’s longing for itself. Distance doesn’t matter when you’re in my heart under the same sky. Happy New Year!

4 Better Behavior

I know I have been harsh on you this year, but I know this coming New Year shall dash away my bad behavior and replace it with better ones. Happy New Year!

5 Hope for the New Year

Since this year is ending, I recommend keeping your eyes peeled for an extra marvelous year!

6 Good Luck

They say life is hard, but I say it’s all about the challenges you take. Be brave and have the best of luck in achieving the inevitable!

7 Always Together

I won’t promise you that you’ll find prince charming in 2018, but I promise that I’ll stay by your side no matter what.

8 Guide You

There are a lot of challenges in the world waiting to be embraced and experienced. Let the adventures guide you this new year!

9 Be Better

Having you in my life is the most inspiring thing that I could ever imagine. As we’re ending this year together, I hope the coming one will give us more chances to be better for each other.

10 Much Love

As 2017 is coming to an end, I hope 2018 will promise you prosperity, health, wealth and much love.

And Happy New Year Loves! May all the good wishes go back to you!

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