7 Necessary Steps to Move Forward after a Friendship Ends ...

While this is not an easy task, you should learn the
necessary steps to move forward after a friendship ends. You know when a friendship is so negative that it's better to walk away than continue it. It's at this point where these steps will assist you with closure. To get on the track to getting beyond this place in your life, it's critical that you learn seven necessary steps to move forward after a friendship ends.

1. Delete That Number

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As you would in any other relationship, deleting the number from your cell phone is the first of the necessary steps to move forward after a friendship ends. It's vital to cut off all contact with this friend if you wish to move on successfully. If you leave the number in your phone, you are more likely to want to call them. When this friendship is not good for you, this could lead you back more easily and allow them back into your life without consequences.

2. Eliminate the Shared Playlist

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With most long standing friendships, you have your own playlist of songs. Perhaps you have them saved on your iPod, computer, or other mobile device. For now, it will help you more if you refrain from listening to these songs. If they randomly come on the radio, that's one thing. However, if you keep them within easy access, it could cause you to unintentionally torture yourself. Don't!

3. Remove the Reminders

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Maybe it's a sweater you borrowed from her last year that you haven't returned or cookies that you always shared after a breakup. Whatever it is, you should remove these reminders from your home. They will only bring you down. You have to reach that point where you are all right. You don't need reminders to tell you that your friendship is over.

4. No More Emails

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All email services have the option to block incoming email messages. You should utilize these features to prevent unwanted contact. You're moving forward; you'll need to stop your friend from contacting you via any possible methods. This is a quick fix that will prevent additional pain.

5. Break out the No-Go Wardrobe

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In some friendships, there are control freaks that won't allow you to be, well, you. They get upset with you if you wear clothing that is within a style that could potentially embarrass them. Perhaps it's something simple, like an old t-shirt that you feel is lucky or punky outfits that are not as cookie cutter as they prefer. Nevertheless, you should break out this wardrobe and be exactly who you are.

6. Get a New Favorite Cocktail

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If you and your friend have a signature cocktail that is all your own, it's time for a change. Experiment with new cocktails until you find one that represents you and only you. Stick with this drink and don't turn back. As I said, you don't have time for reminders that make you sad. It's time to be happy. Drink up!

7. Broaden Your Horizons

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The worst thing you can do is continue to visit places that you both would go together. I'm not saying never go to these places ever again. I'm simply saying, for now, you should stay away. This will allow you to broaden your horizons and find new locations that could become your favorites. You never know, you could meet new friends fast.

At the end of a friendship, you won't feel your best and you may find yourself falling victim to several unhealthy behaviors. You must fight them and allow yourself to recover from this loss intact. What are some ways you have coped with the loss of a friendship?

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