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My Pick for Artist of the Day Aniko Kolesnikova... Heres Why ...

By Jennifer

Latvian artist Aniko Kolesnikova (also known as Mandarin Duck) is my artist of the day, for her awe-inspiring, incredibly detailed... book covers! I know it sounds like an odd medium, but truly, her polymer clay book covers are true art. Behold a few of her covers, below. And while we're at it, a few of her trinket boxes, too, because they're amazing, too.

Table of contents:

  1. Indian elephant cover
  2. Indian elephant detail
  3. Floral journal cover
  4. Floral journal detail
  5. Nature's footprint cover
  6. Nature's footprint detail
  7. Starry-eyed cover
  8. Starry-eyed detail
  9. Seduction cover
  10. Seduction detail
  11. Abandoned wall box
  12. Abandoned wall detail
  13. Magic the gathering black lotus box
  14. Black lotus box detail
  15. Wait for me by the lighthouse covers
  16. The lighthouse detail
  17. Grey dragon cover
  18. Grey dragon detail
  19. Sunset in the garden cover
  20. Sunset dragon cover
  21. Sunset dragon detail
  22. Skull & roses cover
  23. Skull & roses detail
  24. The raven detail
  25. Curious frog detail

1 Indian Elephant Cover

2 Indian Elephant Detail

3 Floral Journal Cover

4 Floral Journal Detail

5 Nature's Footprint Cover

6 Nature's Footprint Detail

7 Starry-Eyed Cover

8 Starry-Eyed Detail

9 Seduction Cover

10 Seduction Detail

11 Abandoned Wall Box

12 Abandoned Wall Detail

13 Magic the Gathering Black Lotus Box

14 Black Lotus Box Detail

15 Wait for Me by the Lighthouse Covers

16 The Lighthouse Detail

17 Grey Dragon Cover

18 Grey Dragon Detail

19 Sunset in the Garden Cover

21 Sunset Dragon Cover

22 Sunset Dragon Detail

23 Skull & Roses Cover

24 Skull & Roses Detail

26 The Raven Detail

28 Curious Frog Detail

To see more of Aniko's work, visit

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