7 Most Watched Ted Talks to Stir up Your Curiosity ...

You’ve probably already heard about this global set of conferences allowed for anyone to view through some of the most watched Ted Talks. Aside from the entertaining drama television shows and social media, sometimes you want to enrich your mind with quality content that will inspire you and push you to think deeper. Sometimes you want to explore different ideas and look for explanations to the simplest phenomena. Well if that is the case, you are in luck because that is what Ted Talks are all about! Here is a list of most watched Ted Talks filled with ideas worth spreading!

1. How Schools Kill Creativity

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In one of the most watched Ted Talks, Ken Robinson explores the idea of how school kills creativity. He describes how the educational system stigmatizes creative children full of potential because they were never good at math or science. As we progress toward a higher education, our imagination and creativity is halted. Why is it that math is prioritized so much more than art, music or dance?

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