7 Good Manners Every Girl Should Have Always...


Being from the South, manners have been genetically instilled in me since birth. Don’t get me wrong, all Southerners do not have manners, but manners are still pretty much prized as being the ultimate quality to have, especially for a woman, around here. Certain manners can enhance your relationships, help you meet people, snag a new job you want, maintain a good professional demeanor, help you meet a man, make you more generous, keep you humble, and enhance your social skills. Read on to find my 7 favorites and do share yours with me, pretty please!

1. Always Offer a Handshake

In the germophobic world we live in, no one seems to want to shake hands anymore, but offering your handshake is one of the most important manners every girl should have. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve met someone new and they seem a little hesitant towards me, or shy. I immediately offer my hand out to them and tell them how glad I am to meet them. This breaks down a barrier between you and strangers, and lets them know you’re friendly. It also loosens you up and makes it easier to meet others each time you do it. If someone refuses to shake your hand, don’t take it personally. They simply might have a germ issue, and in that case, just put down your hand and give them a smile. This manner is especially important on a job interview, where I always offer a handshake to the person interviewing me. It suggests confidence, which is priceless in the work field.

Always Say Ma’am or Sir
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