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I don't have any luxury bathrooms in my house, but I plan to someday. My kids aren't known for their tidiness right now so the effect would be totally lost on them. But if you're ready to add some luxury bathrooms to your home or simply like to dream about the future like I do, you are going to love looking at these pictures.

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Bright White

Bright White Via Beautiful And Luxurious
There's something about white that must be used in luxury bathrooms, don't you think? Though lots of other colors work too.


Luxury Shower

Luxury Shower Via Glorious Bathrooms
I'm pretty sure someone would have to drag me out of this shower.


The Ultimate Tub

The Ultimate Tub Via prayers in the bible list
Can you imagine having a tub this totally awesome?


A Spectacular View

A Spectacular View Via Rooms of Inspiration: A Luxurious ...
If you have a bathroom like this, you are one of the luckiest people on earth.


Unique Tub

Unique Tub Via [1920x1440 px] Interior Photo : ...
I absolutely love the bathtub in this bathroom.


Another Stunning View

Another Stunning View Via Luxury Bathroom by Setsiri Silapasuwanchai
You wouldn't need a book while lounging in this tub because you'd have the view of a lifetime.


Lounging Tub

Lounging Tub Via adelto.co.uk
Um, a tub that has a lounging chair in it? Sign me up!


Super Soft Towels

Super Soft Towels Via featherandblack.com
No luxury bathroom would be complete without a ton of cozy towels.


Black and White Tile

Black and White Tile Via 80+ Bathroom Designs
This style of tile was popular among the royals in France so you know it's luxurious.


Dual Fireplace

Dual Fireplace Via Ideeën voor je badkamer
You know you've hit the big time when you have a fireplace in your bathroom.


Dark Blue

Dark Blue Via Room Seventeen: Bathroom
This deep, rich color just screams luxurious.


Dark and Luxurious

Dark and Luxurious Via RTL Woonmagazine
Speaking of, here is another great example of a luxurious dark bathroom.


Two Showers

Two Showers Via Homedesignarts.com
Use them both or go ahead and share.


Grand Tub

Grand Tub Via bathroom lovelyness
You'll fell like royalty stepping into this grand bathtub. Don't forget the fresh flower petals.


Lots of Curtains

Lots of Curtains Via South Shore Decorating Blog: 50 ...
All those long, luxurious curtains really make this bathroom stand out.


Huge Size

Huge Size Via 33801MercatorIsle32-7355
Nothing says luxury like a gigantic bathroom like this one.


Black and White

Black and White Via L900 Bathroom at The Landmark ...
The sleek color palette of this bathroom makes it look really luxurious.


Fancy Materials

Fancy Materials Via Modern Kitchen With Island Seating ...
Only the best materials belong in a luxurious bathroom.


Bathtub Canopy

Bathtub Canopy Via Different Ways Of Decorating A ...
Make yourself really appear rich by encircling your tub with a great canopy. I love the rug too!


Tiled Archway

Tiled Archway Via 15 Simply Chic Bathroom Tile ...
You'll feel like a movie star stepping into this bathtub.


Mansion Bathroom

Mansion Bathroom Via Luxury Homes for Sale | ...
I think a good portion of my house would easily fit inside this bathroom.


Imagine indulging in a spa-like retreat right at home. The sprawling expanse, gleaming marble floors, and a colossal, free-standing tub are the hallmarks of opulence. The his-and-hers sinks separated by an endless counter space, complete with a vanity section, underscore the luxury of personal space and convenience. Not to mention, the walk-in shower that doubles as a steam room is akin to having a private oasis. A chandelier hangs overhead, because why settle for anything less than crystal elegance while you unwind from a long day? Truly, this is a sanctuary designed for those who savor sumptuousness in every detail.



Details Via Luxurious Bathroom For Two
The furniture, the chandelier and the mirrors really make this bathroom one that's special.



Curvature Via dreamerattraction.com - dreamerattraction Resources and ...
The curved cabinets, tub and ceiling create a design element you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.


Rich Red

The rich red and copper tones of this bathroom remind me of the castles I visited in Europe.


Custom Tile

Custom Tile Via Pinspiration: 12 Gorgeous Luxury Bathroom ...
Custom tile is a sure sign you have a luxury bathroom.


Detailed Cabinets

Detailed Cabinets Via Create a Luxury Bathroom - ...
This is a bathroom I'd expect to find in the biggest mansions in the world.



Metallic Via Beautiful Bathrooms
All that gilt makes this bathroom seem really ritzy.



Armchair Via images.search.yahoo.com
What a fancy armchair for a bathroom!


Huge Tub

Huge Tub Via Dream Home
If you're building a luxury bathroom, don't skimp on the size of your tub.


Elevated Bathtub

Elevated Bathtub Via Bathrooms/Ensuite
Imagine how you'll feel stepping up and into this tub.


Luxury Mountain Style

Luxury Mountain Style Via Georgiana Design
That's a lot of rich wood in there! This would be perfect for a luxury cabin in the woods.


Golden Details

Golden Details Via Share your Favorite Bathroom design ...
The details in this bathroom are what give it that little extra.


Huge Columns

Huge Columns Via Great Modern Master Bathroom
A luxury bathroom wouldn't be complete without these jaw dropping columns.


Huge Chandelier

Huge Chandelier Via sphotos-a-ord.xx.fbcdn.net
Nothing says luxury like a chandelier. This one is beautiful!


Castle Details

Castle Details Via Ideas-for-apartment-bathrooms - Arhdeco - Interior ...
Again, I would feel like I lived in a castle with this bathroom.


Fancy Cabin

Fancy Cabin Via Christmas
Another great cabin bathroom. Can you imagine having a couple of Christmas trees in your bathroom?


Soaking Tub

Soaking Tub Via A Boca Raton Estate Evokes ...
Would you ever want to leave this bathroom?


Silver Tub

Silver Tub Via Alkemie: Luxurious Bathrooms
I would love to have a silver tub in my bathroom!



Lighting Via media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com
This fancy lighting just can't be beat!


Fancy Vanity

Fancy Vanity Via PIN • 4 • EVERYONE
Look at that vanity! I love it.


Blue Chandelier

Blue Chandelier Via Luxury Bathroom Interior Design
The pop of blue that comes from the chandelier is so perfect in this space.


Glass Counter with Rocks

Glass Counter with Rocks Via Random Inspiration #13
What a fantastic design element those rocks are.


Epic Cabinets

Epic Cabinets Via Secrets of Segreto - Segreto ...
I could never fit all those cabinets in my bathroom, but I love them!


Stone Work

Stone Work Via pinterest.com
I love stone work and this bathroom spells luxury to me.

Which one is your favorite? If you have any other luxurious ideas, please share them!

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