Lip Tattoos You Need to See


Lip Tattoos You Need to See
Lip Tattoos You Need to See

I don't know about you but I love ink! I have numerous tattoos and I'm dying to get more. Though the thing with my tats is that I like them in places that can be hidden. This brought me to a search where I discovered lip tattoos. I don't necessarily know if I have the balls to get one, but they're super cool looking! Everyone from business people to celebs seem to be rocking lip ink so here's what you need to know as well as some inkspiration for your next tattoo adventure!

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They Fade Easily

Lip, Tooth, Face, Skin, Mouth, So this may be a given, but lip tattoos don't necessarily last forever. Ever bite your cheek and a couple days later it's healed? This applies to lip tats too; they heal quickly and the ink fades and then you're left blank. Something to keep in mind if you're considering this tattoo.


They're Hard to Get

Lip, Nail, Facial expression, Skin, Finger, A lot of shops will not do lip tattoos because you're at a higher risk of infection (especially with touch-ups) and because they fade so easily many shops don't want the risk of angry customers when their tattoos are half gone after only a few months. Plus, the mouth is harder to keep clean-unless you plan on not eating or drinking for weeks while it heals-so you need to watch out.



Tooth, Lip, Facial expression, Mouth, Jaw, Not only do you need to keep your mouth clean and rinsed frequently to prevent infection, you also should avoid kissing anyone in case they have germs that will put you at greater risk of infection. Notice we keep going back to the topic of infection? Yeah.... It's a HUGE risk with lip tattoos!!



Lip, Face, Tooth, Nose, Mouth, Lip tattoos are painful! Remember I mentioned biting your lip or cheek? It's like that only worse! Think of that pain and multiply it because your lip is filled with tons of nerves and not a lot of fatty tissue that will reduce the pain. This is why I said I don't have the balls to get one. As small as it may be, the pain is probably unbearable at the time!


They Look Cool

Tooth, Lip, Mouth, Facial expression, Jaw, So despite the negatives, lip tattoos do look pretty cool and they're super trendy right now! You can have ink without needing it to show off all the time, you can hide it for jobs and school and the likes, and since it fades you won't necessarily be stuck with it forever.



Tooth, Lip, Mouth, Skin, Chin, Want some ink but don't want something huge? Lip tattoos obviously have to be small because they have to fit inside your lip. It's perfect for someone who wants some tiny ink that isn't going to be around forever.


Different Types

Lip, Face, Skin, Nose, Cheek, We've discussed inner lip tattoos at length and most people think of the lower bottom lip, but we haven't necessarily covered the outter lip. Yes, these tattoos exist. Whether you want an actual tattoo on your lips (no judgement here) or you want to go with permanent makeup tattooed on, you've got options. Like all other tattoos, there's no one specific way or thing you have to get done. A cute dino inside your lip or perhaps some nude lipliner permanently tattooed on the outside of your lips so your makeup can take a little less time.



Face, Eyebrow, Hair, Lip, Nose, As mentioned before, lip tattoos are trendy right now. Everyone from regular people to celebs are rocking some lip ink. Some celeb inspiration are: Kendall Jenner, Noah and Miley Cyrus, Ruby Rose, Paris Jackson, Ke$ha, and more.

So there you have it! The ins and outs of lip tattoos that you might want to consider. And of course, remember the most important tattoo rules: Clean shop, new needles, sterile equipment, and a reputable artist. The last thing you want is a cheap lip tattoo that gets you sick, puts you at risk of infection or worse!
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