7 Intriguing Reasons Why Sobriety is Great ...

By Lezlie

7 Intriguing Reasons Why Sobriety is Great ...

Have you ever considered why sobriety is great? I never would have thought it could be even a good thing if you asked me a few years ago. Who doesn't enjoy a nice glass of wine or a birthday shot? Well, a for few months I participated in a detox where I wasn't allowed to have caffeine, sugar or alcohol and I discovered there were actually several reasons why sobriety is great. It's so great that I made it my new way of life.

1 Self Control

Self control is an obvious reason why sobriety is great. When I first started drinking in college, I had this two drink rule that I set for myself. But as I continued to drink throughout my twenties that rule ceased to exist. Maybe it was because it took more alcohol to get a buzz. Or maybe it was because I just liked the taste of what I was drinking and started to self-indulge. Either way, I found that I had reached a point where I lost self control when it came to drinking and that wasn't a great feeling.

2 Reality Check

When your mind is clear it kind of forces you to face reality. Reality can bite, but at least if you face it and stop living in denial. You may not even realize you are in denial. I recently had a waiter share with me how he gave up cigarettes, cold turkey this time last year. He said that he hasn't looked back and although it was strange at first, he felt that the overall decision was empowering.

3 Health

One time I noticed that a fly landed near my glass of wine. I had to walk away for something and when I came back the fly was dead. I remember thinking to myself that if the alcohol killed the fly that quickly that it was probably doing the same thing to me but it would take longer because I'm so much bigger. When I gave up alcohol, sugar and caffeine I started reading books by nutritionists. One of my favorite books was "Secrets To A Healthy Metabolism" by Maria Emmerich. In it, she shares the many dangers of these substances and confirmed that the best way to live is without them.

4 Self Love

I never considered that I was harming myself through my poor choices in nutrition. I guess I thought that the immediate pleasure that I got from a cupcake for breakfast or mimosas whenever I wanted was me loving myself because it made me happy. But when I had to let it all go I realized that I didn't even know how to feed myself properly. It was the weirdest thing to be an adult and not know how to make myself a proper meal. It takes time to learn how to love yourself through a proper diet but once you begin to experience the health and spiritual benefits from it you won't want to go back to your old ways.

5 It's a Challenge

I don't know about you but I've always loved a good challenge. I'm competitive by nature. The thing is, it's a greater challenge to conquer yourself than others. Like anything else, the first step is the hardest. So you may find yourself upset, frustrated, you name it, during the first week because if you have struggled with addiction it will be the hardest challenge of your life. You can do it lady! Many before you have done it and your decision may inspire others to do the same.

6 Be Unique

I'm often invited to parties in Hollywood because of the field I work in. The first time I refused a drink I was flooded with questions. Are you pregnant? You're joking right? Are you on a detox? Is it because of your faith? Here, just have one! And if you decide to give up sugar all together or caffeine, beware, you have reached alien status. What do you mean you don't eat cake? Everyone drinks coffee! But as the swirl of reactions circle you, you will find that you have an inner peace that can't be bought or copied. It's genuine and it's a reward for letting go of substances you don't need.

7 Save Money

This was the most shocking revelation of all, ladies. I couldn't believe how much extra money I had at the end of the first week. It's amazing how $10 at happy hour here and $5 at Starbucks there adds up. I had so much money! Now I use some of that money to buy healthier foods. I have fun in my kitchen making recipes from cookbooks. And I have extra money for clothes that I want to buy since losing weight from my dietary changes.

Whether you feel the nudge to let go of one of these things or all of them, you will see results. Have you ever tried to give up sugar or caffeine? Have you never really cared to drink? I'd love to hear about your experiences.

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