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When you’re a little stressed out, it could help to check out some inspiring websites. They are random, but sometimes go very deep, they are fun and can lift your mood, and they can make you forget about all your stress in just minutes. There are so many of them out there, and new ones are being launched on a daily basis. There’s no way you could (or should) visit them all, but here are some of the inspiring websites that could lift your spirit today.

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If you’re a visual type of girl, 123inspiration.com is for you. The website provides a mix of art, design, photography and architecture and it offers its visitors the coolest, funniest and interesting visuals. New content is published on a daily basis, so be prepared to see something new every time you pay them a visit. 123inspiration.com can clear your mind, boost creativity and it’s one of the most inspiring websites out there.



If you’re a spiritual person, interested in improving yourself as a human and in life, you’ll find plenty of stuff to read on Tinybuddha.com. This blog, run by Lori Deschene, guides you through all the wonderful lessons in life and it has a great variety of topics. It covers topics like work fulfillment, health and love as well as ways on how to deal with changes and challenges. There are lots of interesting reads here to bring back your motivation and calmness.



TED.com is a great way to learn and be inspired without having to read an entire article, and there is really something for everyone on here. No matter what your interests are, you’ll find it on TED without a shadow of a doubt. In some cases, you don’t even have to watch the video; you can just listen and pretend it’s a podcast.



Brainpickings.org is run by Maria Popova, who initially launched it as a newsletter only. Her website provides in-depth articles on a wide variety of topics that take hundreds of hours per month to research, write and maintain. Maria’s website has no advertising, meaning the website is entirely funded by donations.



Visuals are becoming more and more important online, and wherecoolthingshappen.com follows that trend. This photo blog covers inspiring news through art and photography, leaving you with a WOW feeling. Basically, they cover everything that humans experience in life, but they succeed in showing it in a totally different way.



Sometimes you just have to waste a little bit of time on things that no one really needs. Iwastesomuchtime.com is exactly for those moments. The website provides photos with funny captions; photos can be of celebrities and funny gadgets, but you can also find comics here. New posts are published regularly, so be sure to bookmark it.



Karmatube.org is dedicated to bringing inspiring stories to light by using online videos and acts of kindness. Some videos that you’ll find on here are extremely well-executed, and they usually celebrate people who made a change in their lives or in the world. Karmatube.org suggests supporting the spirit shown in the video by asking the viewer for things like planting a tree, offering a random act of kindness or simply by reflecting on the topic.

Don’t feel sad, stressed or depressed! Visit these websites instead. Visiting an inspiring website is like reading an inspiring book; the only difference is that you don’t need much time and you can simply type in the URL of the website. Do you use any of these websites? And do you know other websites that could inspire us?

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