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41 Inspiring and Mostly Black and White Tattoos to Inspire Your Next Ink Session ...

By Eliza

The simplicity of black and white tattoos make them a go to choice for many people. Though some of the ones on this list have a bit of color, the predominantly black and white tattoos you'll see here are perfect! They combine a neutral color palette with some fabulous art work that is sure to inspire you. Just try and avoid the tattoo parlor after you see these tattoos.

1 Edgy Skull

Edgy SkullVia Canvas not Temple
This feminine looking skull is also fierce enough not to be too girly. With just a touch of pink, this is definitely one of the black and white tattoos I'd consider getting.

2 Dream Cathcer

Dream CathcerVia sweetdreams
A dream catcher is a meaningful tattoo for many people and this is the perfect choice.

3 Fishy Flower

Fishy FlowerVia Lotus
This flower with the semi hidden fish faces is a fun mix of pattern and whimsy.

4 Tiny Penguin

Tiny PenguinVia
This tiny penguin is the perfect choice for someone who doesn't want to rush into a bunch of ink.

5 Progressive Tattoo

Progressive TattooVia Model Savings
I love how both wrists stand alone, but when they are next to each other, it's a whole new look.

6 Life and Death

Via Commissioned
The mixture of life and death in this tattoo is both fascinating and beautiful.

7 Meaningful Quote

Meaningful QuoteVia Tattoo/art
The placement of this tattoo is unique, but the quote is nice for anyone.

8 Flock of Birds

Flock of BirdsVia tattoos
This tiny, yet spectacular flock of lovely birds looks great spread across the back.

9 Flowery Quote

Flowery QuoteVia Ooo la la
The flowers and the love quote are a perfect balance for the edginess of a sleeve tattoo.

10 Blue Hummingbird

Blue HummingbirdVia Tattoos&&percings
The main color is black, but a bit of blue ink really brings this hummingbird to life.

11 Spine Tattoo

Spine TattooVia Tattoos I would get.
This tattoo probably hurts, but it's such a cool placement. You can choose any quote that means something to you.

12 Musical Bird

Musical BirdVia Music to My Ears tattoo ...
Any music lover will love this tattoo.

13 Wooden Key

Wooden KeyVia Tattoos
The wooden key featured in this tattoo is so unexpected and lovely.

14 Commemorative Tattoo

Commemorative TattooVia These Tattoos Are The Definition ...
What better way to keep someone you love close than a tattoo that commemorates their life.

15 Feathers and Flowers

Feathers and FlowersVia Custom Tattoo Illustration for D.J.
The feathers and flowers combine just right for this design.

16 Patterned Lion

Patterned LionVia Awesome Tattoo Pics: Tattoo #inked ...
I love how you get the idea of a flowing mane, but it has a beautiful pattern within.

17 So Not Black

So Not BlackVia Skin Art
Ok, it's not black, but I had to include this lovely feather that has a great placement.
Via 50 Examples of Girly Tattoo ...

18 Mermaid Scales

Mermaid ScalesVia Tattoos & piercings
This tattoo is subtle, but let's you indulge your love of mermaids without going overboard.

19 Star Gazer Lilies

Star Gazer LiliesVia Curly Flowers By Willemxsm Tattoo ...
This tattoo looks almost like a pencil drawing, which gives it a personality all its own.

Heather Thst is so so beautiful I think I may have just fo...

20 Full Body Ink

Full Body InkVia The Heart Tree Tattoo
If you want something totally dramatic, this is the tattoo for you. The red adds just the right amount of color.

21 Ear Tattoo

Ear TattooVia Tattoos and Piercings
Tattoos inside the ear are trendy and this tiny patch of sheet music is perfect.

22 Compass Directions

Compass DirectionsVia tattoos
I like the symbolism that a compass tattoo implies. I think you'll agree.

Krista compass direction, the quote is from a song by the...

23 New York City Skyline

New York City SkylineVia 43 Rad Tattoos To Pay ...
The placement is cool you could use the skyline for your hometown or any place that means a lot to you.

24 A Little Bit of Everything

A Little Bit of EverythingVia Skulls and Flowers
You'd think such a strange mixture of items would be weird together, but they somehow work here.

25 White Tattoo

White TattooVia BatHouseDesign
For all you white lovers out there, this white ink tattoo is a fun and totally different design.

26 Tiny Owl

Tiny OwlVia Humor
This tattoo would look so great with a pair of sandals to show it off.

27 Reminder Tattoo

Reminder TattooVia
The placement of this tiny affirmation is such that you'll never miss it when you need it.

28 Another Reminder

Another ReminderVia Scarification Our bodies our ink
No matter what it says, a wrist tattoo is always there to remind you.

29 Dream on

Dream onVia tatoos
Giving voice to your dreams with a tattoo is a great way to stay true to yourself.

30 Girly

GirlyVia The Skinniest You
Despite the skulls, this is a girly tattoo that would look great on your back.

31 So Cute

So CuteVia Tattoos
A great way to keep your little one close to you as he grows.

32 Cool Rose

Cool RoseVia TATTOOO
This tattoo would also look great with a bunch of color added.

33 Growing up Your Leg

Growing up Your LegVia
It's neat how this flower appears to be growing up the ankle and onto the leg.

34 Outline Tattoo

Outline TattooVia tattoos and piercings
Instead of getting the treble clef as the tattoo, it's outlined, which makes it way cool.

35 Matching Tattoos

Matching TattoosVia
This matching tattoo is subtle, but meaningful. In other works, perfect!

36 Little Elephant

Little ElephantVia Tattoos
Elephants are my favorite animal, but you could get any animal you wanted instead.

37 Ankle Bracelet

Ankle BraceletVia 35 Awesome Anchor tattoo Designs ...
Instead of wearing an ankle bracelet everyday, why not have one tattooed on?

38 Hidden Arrow

Hidden ArrowVia Tats
You can show this one off only when you want to.

39 Thigh Flowers

Thigh FlowersVia Sexy Tattooed Legs
I like how you could show off just a little bit of this tattoo, leaving the rest to the imagination.

40 Sunflowers

SunflowersVia Oh look tattoos!
The dash of yellow is perfect against the black ink.

41 Sun and a Moon

Sun and a MoonVia
This sun and moon is so fancy and beautiful. You could also get them side by side on your back.

Do you have a tattoo? Does it have color or is it black and white. My three tattoos are a good mixture of both and I love each of them. Do you want another tattoo now?

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