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Self-Date Ideas Any Strong Independent Woman Will Love ...

By Holly

It doesn't matter if you're single or in a serious relationship. No matter what your relationship status is, you should set aside some time to spend alone. It's healthy to isolate yourself every once in a while to give yourself a little love. If you're an independent woman who doesn't need her friends or boyfriend around to be happy, here are a few self-date ideas that you'll love:

1 Get Professional Photos Taken

It's time to take a break from snapping selfies. In the mean time, you can hire a photographer to take photographs of you, just like you would hire one to take photos of you for your wedding invitations or for family portraits. It might sound like a waste of money, but the confidence that those stunning photos are going to give you is priceless.

2 Go to the Movies

Some people are embarrassed to walk around in public without a friend by their side. However, the movie theater is a dark place where no one will notice you're alone. Even if they do, what's the difference? You don't always watch Netflix while others are around, so why should you wait until others are around to see a movie in theaters?

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3 Sketch Nature

Even if you're the worst artist around, painting can make you feel free. If you don't want to sign up for an actual class, you should at least get some paper to draw the nature you see. Either stand in front of the window with your notebook or actually go outside and sketch what you see while sitting beneath a tree.

4 Go Apple Picking

When you go apple picking, you're going to be allowed to walk through a large area of land and enjoy the nature. It'll give you the relaxation of walking though a forest without the danger. Plus, some places don't make you pay for picking until you actually take fruit from off the trees, so you can get away with going there for free.

5 Go to the Bookstore

If you hate being alone, then you can go to the bookstore or library to read. There are usually seats that you can plop down on to relax or book signings where you can chat with the author. You might even meet a friendly face there that you can exchange book reviews with.

6 Go Lingerie Shopping

Even if you don't have a boyfriend, you can benefit from going lingerie shopping. Slipping into something sexy is an instant confidence booster. Plus, if you buy matching underwear to wear to school or work, it'll make you feel powerful. There's something special about wearing the right bra and panties, even if no one else gets to see them.

7 Cook Yourself a Fancy Meal

You shouldn't eat microwavable foods, just because you're alone. You can still create a fancy meal that'll feed a dozen people. If you have leftovers, you can eat them the next day, or you could give them to your friends at work. So don't hesitate to make an elaborate meal for yourself. You deserve to eat like a Queen.

It's healthy to have some alone time. Instead of locking yourself in an empty room with your thoughts, you should go on one of these exciting self-dates. Which one of these dates are you going to take yourself on first?

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