7 Impressive Paintings Featuring Mythological Creatures ...

As an art lover, it's essential that you discover the seven impressive paintings featuring mythological creatures. This small collection of paintings boast some of the most beautiful and unique characters and creatures found in myth-based films and lore. Some you may have discovered through Art History 101, while others are more contemporary. Without further ado, let's explore the seven impressive paintings featuring mythological creatures.

1. β€œthe Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed by the Sun” by William Blake

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Among the paintings featuring mythological creatures is the Red Dragon. If you are familiar with the Thomas Harris film, you know this Blake painting was the inspiration behind the full body tattoo showcased by the serial killer in the film. This version of several paintings devoted to the dragon was inspired by two chapters within the Biblical Revelations. The story behind this painting is identified as the dragon or Satan making an attempt to steal Christ from Mary.

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