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7 Important Lessons We Should Learn from Animals ...

By Melissa

There are many important lessons we should learn from animals. I don’t know about your pets, but mine are pretty freaking cute. They are also spoiled. Every now and then I sit back and I think about how great it must be to be a pet of a loving owner. Sometimes I am a little jealous of my dogs because they get the best parts of everyone in my family and they live a stress free life. Outside of having limited responsibilities, there are a few key things I’ve noticed that they do by nature. These are the lessons we should learn from animals.

1 Follow Your Instincts

My first pet was a big fluffy white Samoyed dog. We got him when I was 10. He was friendly. Everyone loved him and he loved just about everyone. There had been a few people over the years that came to our house that our dog really didn’t like. One of them was an ex-boyfriend. I had my suspicions about the guy and probably should have run the other direction, but I ignored my gut instinct. My dog didn’t like him. He refused to greet the guy whenever he came over to visit and growled at him a couple of times unprovoked. If only I had followed my own instincts and those of my dog, I could have saved myself from disappointment and heartache. Keep reading for more lessons we should learn from animals.

2 Live in the Moment

When I take a moment to play with my dogs, most of the time my mind is still occupied with all the other tasks I need to take care of. Unfortunately, I can say the same thing about time spent with my child or husband, but my dogs live for the moment. They aren’t thinking about what’s for dinner or how they are going to fit in a tongue shower that day. They are thankful for the time you take to play with them and want to savor every second of it. How much better would our quality time with others be if we could truly savor it?

3 Rest up

My dogs are pro-nappers and yet they are still ready for bed at the end of the night. I don’t know how that is, but I am truly jealous of their marvelous nap skills. As people we are always on the go. We have so much to do, but how much of it is really important? It is wise to take moments of rest to reflect and relax.

4 Play

Of course animals love to play. How many times have you watched two dogs wrestle around? My dogs are doing this now as I write this. They are in full pounce mode ready to playful annihilate one another. We should also remember to play and enjoy our loved ones with a happy spirit.

5 Forgive Quickly

I am guilty of being in a hurry and yelling at my dogs to get out of the way. I feel bad later, but in the moment I am probably running late, frustrated and wanting to crawl back in bed. Instead of greeting them with peace and calm, I run around the house like a crazed woman, yelling and freaking out. Fortunately, my dogs are quick to forgive and forget the whole chaotic morning before I return home. We should learn to forgive others just as quickly and to let some things slide.

6 Love Unconditionally

My dogs love me regardless of if I’ve brushed my hair or my teeth. They don’t care about how much money I earn or that my dance moves are horrible. The just love me. The love me in spite of my flaws and they expect nothing from me. This is how love was created to be. We should love one another regardless of fault and without expectation.

7 Hear beyond the Words

Even though I think my dogs understand the words I say to them, the truth is they understand far more than my words. What they really get is my tone, body language and expression. As humans we often listen to words and ignore the rest. Learn to pay attention to the complete person, not just his or her words. You are sure to hear so much more.

What are some lessons you have learned from animals that you would like to share?

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