If You're Depressed This Video Will Give You a Reason to Live ...


If You're Depressed  This Video Will Give You a Reason to Live ...
If You're Depressed  This Video Will Give You a Reason to Live ...

We've all gone through rough times. Sometimes, it feels like life is never going to get any better. However, that's just not true. Things will change. They just take time.

The video down below was a social experiment. It was a test to see how much total strangers would care about a random person trying to commit suicide. It turns out that they cared a whole lot.

The emotional video is right here:

If you ever feel like you're alone, remember that there are complete strangers who care about you. Your life is meaningful. Don't let it go to waste.

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Sometimes life is taken for granted. Every person has a harsh life but u shouldn't give up. Those cab drivers are real inspiration hats off:)

Thi just goes to show one that there is al

Oh my goodness this made me emotional

It's awesome

This is so beautiful

I saw this video. My husband showed it to me. Yes, it is beautiful. It's amazing how a stranger care about you.

This made me cry

I am so glad to have seen this post when I did....

look up "We See You: A Message to Students Everywhere". it was done by my school because of the high suicide rate. it's amazing.

It's really beautiful. Thank u so much sach a beautiful post

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