How You Show Your Dark Side According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


How You Show Your Dark Side According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
How You Show Your Dark Side According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

If Kelly Clarkson says it in one of her best songs, then it must be true; everybody’s got a dark side! In general, it would be fair to say that we try to be good people as much as we can, and get along with everyone, but sometimes, just sometimes, you can’t help but lose your rag and really let things get negative! We all have the capacity and capability within us to be a little dark sometimes, but the interesting thing is that there are so many different ways that the same kinds of emotions can come out. Here is how you show your dark side according to your zodiac sign.

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You are usually as calm as a still lake, but when your darkness arises, it comes in the form of big outpourings of impatience and anger with whoever has inspired your change in attitude!



Your dark side manifests in not being very willing to change either yourself or big plans when something unexpected comes up. You can be very stubborn and unwilling to let go.



You tend to develop a bit of an acid tongue when your dark side comes to the forefront, engaging in lots of questionable gossip and not caring too much about being consistent with the rumours you spread.



When you are in a dark place, you get incredibly moody, and are unable to let even the smallest thing go without making a big deal out of it.



You turn completely selfish. When you are feeling dark, absolutely everything has to be about you or else you lose interest and can start to come across as uncaring and self-centred.



You climb up on your high horse when you are in dark mood, becoming the resident Judge Judy of your social circle and being as pessimistic and sarcastic as you could possibly be. You love nothing better than to get judgemental.



Your dark side manifests in more of an internal way. Rather than being mean to someone else, you start to become super indecisive and punish yourself by wasting lots of time on nothing when you could be doing something more productive.



The red mist descends upon you and you can’t help yourself, you feel like you want to seek vengeance on everyone that has ever done you wrong, even the tiniest little things!



You tend to get depressed rather than angry, so your dark moods lead to you withdrawing into yourself rather than lashing out on others.



You get consumed with ambition, in a sort of super villain ‘take over the world’ kind of way. You start making hasty decisions to further yourself rather than considering how it might affect those around you.



Your dark defence mechanism is to become extremely superior, putting across the vibe that you think you know it all, which can be a huge turn off for people!



You direct your darkness out into the ether rather than at people or things, and this manifests in escaping your problems in any way that you can rather than trying to address them.

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