How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Women ...


You're perfect just the way you are. Never let another woman's beauty make you feel worse about your own looks. There's no reason to compare yourself with others, because it's not going to do anything but cause you more stress and sadness. In the spirit of self-love, here are a few things to remember the next time you start to compare yourself to another woman:

1. You Know Yourself Better than You Know Her

You look at yourself in the mirror every single day, so you have plenty of time to search your face and body for flaws. However, the women that you see on television or at the supermarket are only in your line of sight for a few seconds. That's not nearly enough time to scrutinize them, so of course you'll assume that they're more beautiful than you. The next time you find yourself comparing your looks to another woman's looks, remember that you know yourself way too well and you don't know that woman nearly enough.

She's Probably Jealous of You, Too
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