Tips to Help You Stop Being so Negative to Everyone around You ...

By Heather

Tips  to Help You Stop  Being so Negative  to Everyone around You  ...

Negativity is something that can get into your mind, heart and soul and eat you alive. If you are having negative feelings all the time and you feel like shit about it – change it! Don't be that toxic person that everyone avoids. Instead, switch your mind around and become positive!

1 You've Got to Be Thankful

I know when you are in a cloud of negativity, it's hard to be thankful, but you should be.

2 Quit Being so Resentful

I know resentment and if you are filled with it? You are going to be very, very negative.

3 Learn to Forgive, It Helps

Holding a grudge? Stop. Get over it.

4 Kindness Goes a Really Long Way

Just a little bit of kindness goes a really, really long way.

5 Don't Engage with Negative People

Are you surrounded with negativity? Do you hang out with people that bitch all of the time? Stop.

6 Change Your Mind

I use this phrase whenever I am in a bad mood – change your mind. It works, I promise!

7 Reframe Your Situation

Are you in a shitty house with a shitty roommate? Change it! Do you hate your job? Change it!

8 Extremes – Stop Thinking in Them

This is my default. I think in extremes a lot of the time. Knock it off and you'll feel so, so much better.

9 Don't over-generalize Every Single Thing

Also, don't think that every single negative thing is going to stick. Trust me, it'll change.

10 Don't Assume

Assuming will only make an ass out of you.

11 Don't Cut out the Positive around You

When you are negative, most of the time, you cut out every bit of positivity around you. Don't do that, surround yourself with positivity.

12 Stop Enforcing Your Own Rules

By enforcing your own rules, I mean stop forcing your own agenda.

13 Go with the Flow Once in a While

Calm down, relax and really let it flow sometimes.

14 Loosen up on the Control

Not every single thing needs to be under your control. When you let go, you feel better.

15 Stop Complaining

Also, stop gossiping. It helps.

16 Start Every Day with a Smile

When you wake up, no matter how you feel, smile.

17 Admit That You Are Negative and Be Aware

Lastly, admit you are a negative person and own it. It'll feel better in the end.

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