How to Prevent Social Media from Damaging Your Self Esteem ...


How to Prevent Social Media from Damaging Your Self Esteem ...
How to Prevent Social Media from Damaging Your Self Esteem ...

We spend lots of time on social media. From double tapping on Instagram to scrolling through Facebook, it’s easier more than ever to obsess over someone else’s life. This can be super damaging to your self-esteem, so we’ve put together some tips on how to reduce its impact.

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Silence is Golden🤐

person, Something as simple as turning off social media notifications can keep you from spending too much time on apps. This way, you’ll be more in charge of when you check them instead of constantly being tempted.


Remember That Social Media is Just a Glimpse of Someone’s Life👀

person, glasses, vision care, official, Everyone, Nobody really posts status updates when they’re having a crappy day or a selfie right after they’ve been crying. So when you see an account that is full of beauty and fun, remember that what they’re showing is the highlight reel. You don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.


Be Inspired, Not Discouraged

leg, abdomen, You, get, inspiration!, If you see someone super successful on social media, you might start to feel down about yourself. Try shifting these thoughts to motivating ones and let what they’re doing inspire you ✨ Small steps are all it takes and they can be an example that your goals can be achieved.


Take a Break

rock concert, nightclub, music, rave, disco, Notice that you’re comparing or judging a lot? It can be extremely beneficial to simply log out of social media accounts and take a break, even if it’s just for a day ⏱ Try and make plans with a friend and enjoy some time away from your phone.


Make a List📝

sense, meal, writing, restaurant, This one can be applied to more than just the realm of social media comparison. Taking the time to make a list of all the things you are grateful for can boost your mood and allow you to gain some much needed perspective.


Think before You Post🤔

human action, person, blond, eating, sense, A lot of times with social media, we post things that we hope will give us lots of “likes” or comments. But this can result in anxiety and low self worth if they don’t live up to our standards. Try to remember it’s not a popularity contest. If you like what you are posting, that’s all that should matter.


Say Bye before Bed

, Did you know that checking social media before you snooze could keep you from sleeping as well?😴 Many studies are out that say it’s too much of a distraction. Turning off the tech before you go to sleep will allow you to have a better night’s rest and in turn improve your mood.

Social media can be totally fun 😄 and a great way to be creative while staying connected. Hopefully these tips will help you to be a confident user of these apps. If you have any other suggestions, please comment!

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I deleted the Facebook app from my phone! My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for over two years, there are just way too many baby announcements. Also, my co-workers created a work page. I don't need to be that connected to my work bullies!

i can really relate to the article, we are becoming too hooked with social media right now

So true! I often look at the MANY couple pics on my timeline and get sad, but gotta remember it's just a picture. Idk what their life is like outside the picture

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