How to Move on 👋 from Grief 😭 ...


Want to know how to move on from grief? Life can be tough sometimes, leaving us with feelings of despair, loneliness, and sadness. We may lose those we love, suddenly, or even found ourselves in places of discomfort. According to Buddhist philosophy, the truth is that nothing is permanent and changes are frequent.

We may lose our lover, for an unknown reason, or a family member, or a pet, or our home. There’s no point of holding on to the past, and expect those we have lost to come back. People come in and come out of our life for a reason, Sometimes, better things await us, and we need to let go to allow new people to arrive in our life, and start something fresh, from the right beginning. It’s scary to think we can’t keep those we love or even our home. But the best thing is to learn how to cope and to move on. So how do we do that? Here's how to move on from grief.

1. Let Go and Never Hold on

Letting go is one of the best tips for how to move on from grief. There are countless articles online to help us understand how to let go. It’s easy to say, but hard to do. When we love someone, we have strong feelings of attachment, physical or emotional. And removing the connection may equal death for many of us. How about imagining that the role of these people in our life is over? That they came for a purpose, and now, we have been enriched by their presence, and we now need to look for something else? The most difficult part of this grieving process is not to let go, but to hold on.

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