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In this YouTube video by Marie Forleo, she begins by talking about a letter she received by a woman named "JoAnna", who could not get motivated. Yes, this video should help you learn how to motivate yourself to get out of a rut.

Marie goes on to explain to this woman about a friend of her's named "Jon", who was in a similar situation. He felt lost. Well, Marie got him motivated! He got a new job, got his relationship back, no longer embarrassed and very excited!

When you are embarrassed about your life, there are things to do to get you on the road to recovery. You can get positively motivated. Here's how to motivate yourself to get out of a rut.

Published on February 20, 2012

1. Be Honest

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We tend to hide our feelings. Don't feel like you are being a downer if you tell your friends your honest feelings. Marie says that the phrase "the truth will set you free" is true.

2. Get out and Be around People

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Don't be a hermit and think you have to figure it out all alone. Fill up your social calendar to get out of the rut.

3. Take Action

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She recommends her book "Make Every Man Want You", which she explains is not a specific relationship book but a book about kicking ass in life. She even says to maybe call a friend, do some cleaning, take a class, etc. Do something small even if you think it has no relevance.

4. Forget about Motivation

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Marie talks about a tweet that states that losers wait for motivation. Winners get shit done. Often, people just wait. Happy and productive people do not wait. Get into it! For example, get into your work.

Doesn't seem too hard. The four suggestions are baby steps to the path of recovery. Sometimes life is rough, but when it is, don't wait! Do something, anything, no matter how small. You can do it!

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