5 Important Reassuring Things Every Woman Needs to Hear ...


5 Important Reassuring Things Every Woman Needs to Hear ...
5 Important Reassuring Things Every Woman Needs to Hear ...

There are lots of reassuring things every woman needs to hear. Life can get you a little down sometimes, whether it be because of your love life, home life, family life, or just life in general. Many women don't get to hear reassuring statements as often as they should. So here are 5 reassuring things every woman needs to hear to make your day better.

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You Are Beautiful

Sometimes confidence issues can fog what we see in the mirror, and comments from people who don't appreciate your beauty may not help. Just remember, you are beautiful. Your mind and soul, your body, your face, you as a person are truly beautiful and you should remember that and tell yourself that every day to make sure that someone is reminding you of what a beautiful human being you are. And that's just one of the reassuring things every woman needs to hear so keep reading for more.


You Are Loved

When life gets a little rough and you hit a few bumps in the road, it may not seem like anyone or anything is on your side. Truth is, someone is there for you. Even if it isn't who you want it to be, you are there for yourself in the most difficult times of your life and sometimes you have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and keep going. Think of all the people in this world who enjoy your presence, and if you somehow, someway can't think of a single one, think of yourself and remind yourself "I am loved".


You Can do It

Never doubt or second guess yourself. No matter what it is or how difficult it is, you can do it. Set your mind to it and it's yours for the taking. Sometimes you forget your own strength and power, but once you set your mind to something and stick to it, you'll remember just what a determined woman you are. When faced with a difficult task, just remind yourself "I can do it", then buckle down and get it done. After completing whatever it is, or trying your best at it, you'll feel more accomplished and confident in yourself.


Don't Worry, It Will All Be Okay

One of my personal favorite ways to remember this one is lyrics by Twenty One Pilots, in Truce, "The sun will rise and we will try again". You're probably tired of people telling you it'll all be okay. But they're right, no matter the situation you're facing, it will all smooth out and slow down eventually. Cry if you need to, scream if need be, but by all means, don't give up. It may seem like a never-ending cycle of "what ifs" and "if onlys," but those things don't matter. We can't predict what if, and we can't go back and change if only. You'll pass that test, you'll work things out, you'll find something new, you'll be happy again, you'll wake up again, you'll tell yourself "don't worry, it will all be okay" and it will be.


I'm Here for You

Even if it feels like you're all alone and no one is there to guide you or walk with you through difficult times, someone has been there all along. And though there may be a person that comes to mind, you also have to think of yourself. If no one else steps up to bat, you're there for yourself and you stand behind you and that's what matters. You can't let the world beat you up and tear you down because you need to remind yourself "I'm here for me, even if no one else is".

Hearing someone say "You are beautiful", "you are loved", "you can do it", "don't worry, it will be okay", and "I'm here for you" can make someone's entire day. So if no one says those things to you, why shouldn't you remind yourself? And if someone is already saying those things, carry it forward and remind another how loved and beautiful they are, because they may not hear it as often as you do or maybe today is the day they needed it most and they didn't get to hear it. The world gets busy, as do the people in our lives and sometimes we must depend on ourselves for reassurance. But something to always remember is that no matter what, you have yourself to keep those reminders alive.

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