How to Feel Good Naked without Changing a Thing about Yourself ...


Most women are uncomfortable with their naked bodies. Instead of seeing beauty, all they see are flaws. However, it's incredibly unhealthy for women to view themselves in such a negative way. That's why it's time you learn to love yourself, even when you're nude. If you're uncomfortable stripping down, here's how to feel good naked without changing a thing about yourself:

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Listen to Upbeat Music While You're Changing

When you strip down to shower or to pick out your clothes for the day, put on some upbeat music. That way, you'll learn to associate your nudity with being happy. It's the best way to trick your brain into feeling comfortable while naked.


Look at All the Different Angles in Your Mirror

Your body looks entirely different from different angles. So if you aren't happy with what your curves look like when you stare at them straight on in the mirror, you should turn your body to see what you look like from the side and from the back. When you find the right angle, you might realize that you actually love what you look like!


List All the Qualities You Love about Your Body

It's time to grab some paper and a pen. Now, list all of the things you love about your body. No, you can't just list them in your mind. You should actually write them down, so that you can look at them whenever you're feeling insecure about yourself. Don't worry about the list being short, because you'll be able to come up with way more things than you'd originally assume.


Listen to Your Man's Compliments about Your Body

If you're dating a guy who has seen you naked, really listen to him when he compliments you. Don't ignore all the nice things he says about your waist and your chest. Take them to heart. He'll prove that others can see your body's beauty, even when you're blind to it.


Stop Saying Negative Things about Your Body

Cut any and all negative words out of your vocabulary. When you look at your body, you don't have to compliment it, but you're not allowed to criticize it. When you stop tearing yourself apart for every little thing you see, you'll realize you're a lot happier with yourself.


Look at Other Naked Women to See What Average is

This might not sound like the best idea, considering the women you see on TV always look unbelievably gorgeous. That's why you shouldn't look at celebrity pictures from magazines or scenes from movies. Instead, look at pictures of normal people on the internet. Then you'll see your body isn't inferior. It's just normal.


Sit in a Different Position to Look Completely Different

Even the skinniest women will look like they have a big belly when they're hunched over. So if you're uncomfortable with what you look like naked, you might just have to sit or stand in a different position. Lean your legs a different way or stand up straighter and you'll see a huge difference in what you look like.

Even if you can't stand the sight of your naked body now, you'll eventually learn to see its beauty. Are you comfortable walking around in the nude or do you like to be clothed at all times?

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Lovely little article; helped to push me along today when I was feeling blue. I know I am not inferior and that my body is beautiful, and this article is another little thing to help me truly believe it.

I love my body naked. wearing clothes makes me feel insecure.

clothes are so uncomfortable!!

A very important post! 👍

Lol, i love my naked body, but prefer it in clothes! Seriously this post makes me laugh

O.K. Till I stand sideways ! Three kids,menopause and gallbladder trouble have taken their toll ! Good days I can laugh but bad days no way!

Lol I agree Cindy!

Thank you, Holly! Women are taking ownership of their gender, and Body Image is one of the last, and most treacherous frontiers to occupy! Especially on Mother's Day, every woman should remember we are all beautiful, our bodies are beautiful, and our bodies are strong, many of us are mothers, after all! And I always put music on before I take a shower, or when I'm in the bath, I've been doing that since high school, lol, and I have come a long way, baby💪

I think I have a fear of mirrors. Everytime I catch a glimpse of my reflection I grimace at it

Lol you r right after giving birth to 1or 2 kids ur body wil look different and u wil feel shy to stand naked in front of ur in wat u said May be u wil have d courage

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