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7 Essentials to Become Straight a Student ...

By Treesha

Wondering how to be A straight a student? Have you ever said, “ I won’t ever be among the top 10 in my class. It’s just not meant for me.” Well, I’m about to contradict you. I am certainly not predicting your grades but if you follow these rules, there’s gonna be a real change. Here's how to be a straight A student.

1 Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice is one of the best how to be A straight a student. I can't begin to tell you how important practice is. No matter what subject you are studying, whether it is science or algebra, the more you practice, the better you get. Try setting aside at least 30 minutes of your day for practicing and I can guarantee you, improvement is surely on the way.

2 Commitment

In order to obtain whatever goals we have in life, the key is to stay committed. What’s the use of having extraordinary goals if we do not remain faithful to them? Believe me, if you truly want A’s, you need to stay committed to your studies and avoid distractions as often as possible.


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3 Always Pay Attention and Take Notes

Each and every class that you attend should deserve your 100% attention. Meanwhile, it is important to note down every little thing that crosses your mind. You will thank yourself when it comes to revision!

4 Do Not Wait until the Last Minute

If you genuinely want EXCELLENT results, procrastination should be removed from your vocabulary. However, you NEED to take breaks during study and revision sessions. But do not wait until the last minute because it will undoubtedly stress you out when you realize how much you’ve got to catch up on. This stress affects your brain in such a way that you are unable to give optimal concentration, leading to bad grades.

5 Study Less but, Study Better

Whether you are a morning or late night person, you SHOULD know at what time you work best. This will certainly save you time and instead of staying in the library for 3 hours, you may wake up at 4 am each morning and revise for 1 hour and yet be one of the best students. Remember, quality over quantity.

6 Have a Healthy Lifestyle

As I mentioned above, these A’s won’t come to us unless we dedicate ourselves to them. But how can you expect to have maximum concentration and a good memory if you aren’t healthy? It all begins in the brain. It is our brain that directs our actions, so please feed your brain with nourishing food and vitamins, such as omega-3s and lots of fruit. However, stay away from any fast food or sugary items - they will not contribute to your well being, ever. Exercise is also important so add at least 30 minutes each day to your routine.

7 Believe in Yourself

Lastly, no matter if the whole world supports you or not, if you yourself do not believe in your capacities in accomplishing greats things, do not expect to reach your goals one day. You can sit and cry about it or say this every day as you wake up “ I strongly believe that I can do it. And I will do it. No one can stop me.”

Well darlings, I hope that you will take into consideration these useful tips. I myself used them and I recently ended up with amazing A-level results. Nothing is impossible if we are willing to work for it. Are there any other tips that I may have missed? Feel free to comment below. xo

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