This is How Smart Women Set Goals ...


This is How Smart Women Set Goals ...
This is How Smart Women Set Goals ...

Learning how smart women set goals is a skill that will serve you well for your entire life. Are you at a time in your life where you find yourself needing to make a lot of plans and get organised? Do you have a specific set of goals that you want to achieve in order to boost either your personal or professional life? Saying you are going to do something is one thing, but actually putting those plans in to effective motion is another. Read through my seven top tips for how smart women set goals in order to easily achieve them.

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Start with Just One Goal

There is no point kicking everything off with five or six major goals that you are looking to achieve. By all means, write a list of your targets, but in order to make as swift and positive progress as possible, you need to take one thing at a time. It can all too easy to become overwhelmed with a handful of tasks compared to one. Slow and steady wins the race! That's one of the best answers for how smart women set goals.


Start with a "Want to"

There are two types of goals: "want to" goals and "should do" goals. To give yourself a boost of positive energy and a sense of self worth, make a "want to" goal one of the first that you work on. Achieving this will make you feel great, and prepare you for one of the perhaps less desirable "should dos" down the road.


Be Selfish

The truth is that you have to be a bit selfish in order to achieve your goals. This doesn’t mean being mean and rude to those around you, but more that you need to really focus on yourself and consider what a situation can do to aid you personally, before you commit to it as part of your goal process.


Difference between Projects and Tasks

You need to understand that to achieve a project, you have to break it down into sets of smaller tasks. Don’t get confused, however, with thinking that checking off some of these smaller tasks means you have completed the entire project. It might be a hard grind, but it’s definitely manageable if you keep your eyes on the prize!


Check-in Point

Set a date, maybe halfway between the start of your projects and the end deadline, and use this date as a benchmark for how much you have achieved compared to how much you should have got done. If you are on track, then perfect, but if you are slightly behind, then you will know that you have to find that extra motivation for the next phase.


Celebrate Success

Don’t forget to celebrate all of the little victories along the way while achieving the larger goal. You deserve praise for the mini achievements along the way just as much as for when you reach the finish line. It will motivate you.


Be Flexible

Don’t beat yourself up if something isn’t quite going to plan. Be as flexible as possible and be open to changing certain goals or tasks. If the end point is the same, then there is no need to sweat the smaller details!

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