7 Helpful Tips on How to Be Less Forgetful ...


Would you like to know how to be less forgetful? This is something that most of us battle at times in our life. These are some tips on how to be less forgetful. They can help you to eliminate this problem in your life and have things go more smoothly.

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Write It down

One of the best ways how to be less forgetful is to write things down. It helps you in two different ways. One, the act of writing it down will help it to stay in your memory. Two, seeing it will help you remember whatever it is you need to recall. I use this tip quite often.


Repeat It to Yourself

When you need to remember something, repeat it to yourself. Sometimes, I repeat something I need to remember two or three times in a row. It helps it to set in my mind so that I will not forget it. Sometimes, I will repeat it to myself until I get to a place where I can write it down. Everyone will have to find their own system with this for what works best for them.


Post Notes

It is helpful to post notes where you can see them. Post It notes work wonderfully for this. They can keep you reminded quite well. Post them places where you cannot miss them such as your bathroom mirror, your laptop or your front door. It is also helpful if you choose brightly colored Post It notes so they will be sure to catch your eye.


Lay Things out to Remind You

It can be helpful to lay things out to remind you to do something. For example, you might lay your coupons on top of your grocery list so you won’t forget them. You might place your bills on top of your purse so you don’t forget to mail them. These types of things can really help you to be less forgetful. Visual reminders are very helpful.


Work on Organization

Believe it or not, organization can greatly help in the area of forgetfulness. When you are disorganized, you can’t expect to remember things because there is no system to help you. If you are new to organization, start small. You might begin by keeping a planner to write your appointments in. After you get in the habit of that, you can bring in another habit to work on that helps with organization.


Be Intentional about Remembering

Sometimes you just have to be intentional about remembering. Tell yourself it is important that you remember something. This can actually help. If you consider something important, you will be more likely to remember it than something that is trivial. You should probably use this tip in combination with some of the others, though.


Keep Your Brain Sharp

Keeping your brain sharp can help you to be less forgetful. This means that you use your brain. You take up a new hobby, take a class or work on puzzles. Look for puzzles that say that they are brain teasers or something similar. There are even puzzles and games specifically made for this purpose. This will keep you sharp and at your mental best.

Being forgetful is very aggravating. These tips should help you to combat that. What are your tips for being less forgetful?

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