7 Happy People Secrets We Should All Try ...


Happy people secrets might sound like something out of a cult, but new research suggests that they could really exist. A worldwide study of 3,000 people who routinely scored highly on happiness tests uncovered that they shared a number of life lessons – dubbed the happy people secrets – that the rest of us could learn from. Sounds worth learning, right? Here are your new lessons for 2014!

1. Accept What You Have

Okay, so this is the most obvious of the happy people secrets, but research shows that the happiest people have modest levels of expectation and aspiration. That means that they want things that they can really get, and they don’t have unrealistic expectation. They know how to avoid disappointment, and they strive for realistic goals. Overall, they are happy with their lot in life. That’s got to be a win, right?!

Enjoy What You do
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