7 Halloween Inspired Quotes about Magic ...


7 Halloween Inspired Quotes about Magic ...
7 Halloween Inspired Quotes about Magic ...

Halloween is such a whimsical and magical holiday, which is captured by the many Halloween inspired quotes about magic. Do you remember when you were a kid and believed that fairies existed and witches could cast spells? A child’s belief in magic is so innocent and inspiring. Over the years, you may have lost your belief in magic, but Halloween is the perfect time to recapture that belief. It is, after all, a magical holiday filled with fairy dust and spells. To help you get into the magical, Halloween spirit, read these Halloween inspired quotes about magic.

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You Are Magical Too

You Are Magical Too Who better to bring out the belief in magic during the Halloween season than J.K. Rowling with one of her Halloween inspired quotes about magic? Her Harry Potter series certainly inspired many to believe in magic again, and this quote is a reminder that everyone has a little magic inside of them. You just have to believe in it!


Believe First

Believe First This quote from Roald Dahl gets right to the point. If you don’t believe in something, you will never find it. This applies to all things, even magic. You have to believe it exists to experience it. This Halloween, open yourself up to believing in magic, and you just may see wondrous things happen.


Confidence and Magic

Confidence and Magic Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe may have died nearly 200 years ago, but his quote is as true today as it was when he wrote it. You have to believe in yourself to achieve your goals. This is what true magic is. When you believe in yourself, you can make magic happen, but you have to have the confidence to believe!


Childhood Wisdom

Childhood Wisdom This is such a fantastic quote, because it points out the innocence and wisdom of youth. Children may not have the most life experience, but they are wise enough to look for magic and believe in it. Often, they see what adults cannot see, which is why you may want to recapture your inner child at Halloween. Then, you just might be able to experience the magic of the world again.


Individual Magic

Individual Magic Being a unique individual is something that is so important. Your uniqueness is what makes you special, it is also what gives you your own magic. Each person’s individuality gives them their spark. So, flaunt your individuality at Halloween so that you can experience your own magic.


Watch and See

Watch and See The famous poet, W.B. Yeats, wrote many insightful things, not the least of which is this quote. If you pay attention with all of your senses, you just might see magic in the world. What is more magical than a caterpillar turning into a butterfly? With all the costumes and decorations that abound during Halloween, it may be hard to see the real magic. However, if you look closely, you just might see magical and wondrous things.


Dream Some Magic

Dream Some Magic You have to dream to have magic in your life. As you get older, don’t push your dreams aside. Maybe all of your dreams won’t come true, but that doesn’t matter. Your dreams are what makes life magical. Do you dream of being a high powered lawyer? Even if you haven’t achieved that dream yet, you can still dress up as one for Halloween!

Halloween is certainly one of the most magical holidays of the year, which is why it is such a great time to rekindle your belief in magic. All of these quotes can inspire you to believe in magic. Which quote is your favorite?

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