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7 Guilty Little Pleasures of Life ...

By Sarah

In this modern, busy world, filled with pressure and the need to be the best, are you making time for life’s guilty little pleasures? They do say that life is for living. We are all on the treadmill to be successful, confident women and yet life is so long and short at the same time. Sometimes your body and mind need a break, a chance to unwind or zone out. Rather than always saying no to a second helping of cake, perhaps there is no harm in saying yes – just this once! Ease your foot of the gas and give into the guilty little pleasures of life.

1 Daily Horoscopes

I can’t be the only one that likes to indulge in reading my daily horoscope, am I? Sometimes I like to read my yearly summary and see what the gods have in store for me. But I am a fraud; I don’t really believe horoscopes, I read them because they are fun. I like to read them with friends, and try my hardest to always relate the words to my own life. Best of all is the romantic advice – the suggestion that a steamy handsome man may enter my life. So spare five minutes for your horoscopes - they are one of the guilty little pleasures that help the day pass with a little extra cheer.

2 Would You like a Starter Madam? – Oui, Oui

I know, I know - a large main course will most definitely fill me up at dinner time, but the starters always taste SO good. I don’t think treating yourself to a starter is going to break the bank or your waistline. Why not go a step further to crazy town and order two, to share with your partner of course? Sometimes it’s okay to order exactly what you want on the menu, whether its lobster, steak, or double chocolate cake… Go for it, girl!

3 Pressing the Snooze Button on Your Alarm

Yes, we are supposed to leap out of bed and go for a 10 mile run, before eating a healthy breakfast – but sometimes I like to press the snooze button. I’m not suggesting you turn up late for work, but I think it is perfectly acceptable to shake off your morning routine and sometimes simply have a lie-in. I love the feeling when I first wake up and the bed is extra warm and snuggly, and I know I don’t have to move for at least 15 minutes. It feels good to reflect and breathe deeply before I start the day.

4 A Little Present for Me

We all have at least one purchase that we can’t resist buying. Some ladies like bags or shoes, but in truth I love perusing the large book stores and then buying a new trashy book. I know I could go to the library and normally I do, but sometimes I get weak and just hand over my credit card. Every once in a while reward yourself for working so hard, and buy yourself you don’t need, but want.

5 A Large Glass of Red Wine

Sometimes I like to sit out on my balcony after a long day at work and just soak up the night air whilst drinking a large glass of red wine, shooting the breeze with my partner. It’s not for everyone, but about once a month I simply adore a single glass or red wine – I hear there may even be health benefits?

6 A Hot Bath

Baths use so much water than if you take a regular shower – and I try to be environmentally friendly… most of the time. Other times I sneak down to LUSH, buy one of their extravagant bath bombs (the lemon grass scented one is my favourite) and then I like to take a long hot bath, washing away the stresses on my mind. We all need to pamper ourselves sometimes, bringing me to my final sneaky little pleasure.

7 A Visit to the Spa

I may not be a girly-girl, but there are very few women who wouldn’t enjoy a luxurious trip to a fancy spa. Take your closest female friends or perhaps bond with your new mother-in-law and then test out the saunas, steam rooms and various plunge pools. Don’t forget to book in for a body massage, and pick up some new nail polish on your way out. Every girl should go to a day spa at least once in her life – totally worth the trip.

Some things in life just don’t seem to add up. A designer bag to be me seems like a ludicrous expense, but if buying a bag will bring you insane pleasure and brighten up all the days you get to use it… well why not buy it? Modern women are expected to fulfil so many roles in life; have great careers, provide for their families, be slim and talented – the list goes on. I say throw caution to the wind, forget what you are supposed to do and indulge in some of life’s little treats that make you feel good. Whatever your choices, be happy in this life as you only get to live it once. What is your guiltily little pleasure?

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